Monday, March 2, 2015

Bead Cruise Workshops: Recap

Last Sunday I flew back in from Florida after a 10 day trip on the bead cruise.  This was my second year attending and I had an amazing time!
Fashionably matching the tiles in Puerto Rico with my maxi dress.

This trip included stops at 3 bead stores (1 in Florida, 2 in Puerto Rico), 3 workshops, 4 ports and countless parties.

I was honored to have my beads featured in two of the workshops on the cruise.  The first was for Beverly Herman's Star of the Sea class.  
Photo by Beverly Herman

The Star of the Sea necklace featured my stoneware cabochons.  Techniques in this workshop included bead embroidery, peyote and herringbone stitches.
Making the decorative starfish
I have a pretty good handle on basic bead embroidery but bead weaving...bead weaving and I have a history of not getting along very well.  This little starfish took me FOREVER.  Thank goodness Beverly is a very patient teacher!  I only managed to get this starfish and the base bead embroidery done during this workshop.

It didn't help that this workshop was held in a room with an amazing view of the ocean.  LOL!
Working hard on their necklaces
I had also signed up for Tracy Stanley's Byzantine chain bracelet class.  I taught myself Byzantine weave last summer so I ended up assisting some of the other students in class.
Erin Siegel working on her Byzantine weave.
Norma making her chain.
The third workshop was Erin Siegel's Tribal Inspired Beaded Bracelet.
Photo by Erin Siegel
This workshop involved knotting waxed linen and included my ceramic buttons as the clasp!
Selecting the right button for each kit
Here I am working diligently on my bracelet.  Waxed linen is so easy to work with. 

I ended up buying some knotting tweezers from Erin and they were well worth it.  They really get the knot right up against the last bead.
My completed bracelet

Sarajo and Kathleen sat behind me in class and we had a blast.  Speaking of Sarajo, she was the lucky winner of the massive AJE door prize on the cruise!  Congrats Sarajo!  Enjoy playing with all those beads!

I actually made another variation of this bracelet over the weekend.  I have plans to make more in different colors.

Overall, the cruise was fantastic.  I did have some sea sickness here and there but I didn't let it ruin the trip for me.  If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend going on it.  You'll learn new techniques, make new friends, enjoy tropical locales and just have a great time.  

If you'd like to see more photos from my trip, make sure to check out my blog later this week.  I'll be posting a recap with lots of photo highlights.  

Happy Beading!


  1. A great summary of the cruise!

  2. Great recap, wonderful pictures, awesome time!
    Thank you Diana!

  3. Thanks for sharing such amazing pictures of good friends, good jewelry and good memories!

  4. It looks like you all had a wonderful time! The starfish necklace is a wonderful keepsake treasure to remember the Cruise. Erin's bracelet is pretty awesome, too!..tropical and punchy!

  5. Love the bracelets you are wearing in Erin's class and the bracelets you made!

  6. Such amazing, fun times! I want to go back!! I still need to finish my bracelet from both Erin's and Tracy's classes. Actually, I still need to finish lots of Bead Cruise projects, but first I must do taxes. I am SO thrilled that I won all the gorgeous AJE goodies! Thanks again!!


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