Monday, February 16, 2015

Make Your Own ~ Daisy Petal Earrings

It's earring making time and time for a new tutorial for you all!

These earrings are my first jewelry of the new year and such fun to make! I wanted something to match a favorite top and to coordinate with other things too, so I went with one of my favorite colors: copper brown… I added in sprinkling of blue to match my blue jeans… and then chose a neutral toned fabric to tie it all together because I just love that rustic look it adds to my designs.

Let's make some new earrings!

Supplies you'll need:
- 26 gauge bronze wire
- 2 bronze earwires
- 2 bronze headpins
- 2 bronze jump rings (not pictured)
- hemp cord
- fabric ribbon
- seed beads
- an assortment of spacer beads

Tools you'll need:
- tape measure
- scissors
- large needle
- wire cutters
- round-nose pliers
- flat-nose pliers
- bent-nose pliers

1. Arrange a stack of spacer beads on the headpins.

2. Cut the fabric ribbon to give you a long enough length to nicely "frame" the daisy once folded.

I used 5 inches of ribbon, folded down to make a length of 2 inches for each earring. You want a fold at the top and bottom and the exposed end at the back. Use any fiber you'd like or you can make your own fabric ribbon by tearing a piece of fabric like I did here.

3. Center each daisy charm on an 8 inch length of hemp cord.

4. Choose the point where you want the daisy to hang and using a large needle pull both ends of the hemp cord through the fabric ribbon…

5. Repeat with the other earring.

6. Wrap the hemp cord twice around the fabric ribbon just above the daisy charm, pull tightly and tie a knot at the back.

7. This hemp wrapping will give you a nice sturdy base for wire wrapping later—nothing more frustrating than trying to wrap wire around a wiggly piece of fabric!

8. Use a large needle to pierce a hole near the bottom fold of the fabric ribbon. Create an open loop with the headpins just above the bead stack.

9. Pull the headpin through the fabric ribbon and wrap.

10. Cut two lengths of 26 gauge wire about 20 inches long—you want to have more than enough wire for this next step…

11. Wrap the wire over the top of the hemp, placing a few seed beads randomly with each wrap around…

12. Repeat with the other earring.

13. Slip a jumpring through the top fold of the fabric ribbon and attach the earwires… and your done!

Enjoy your new earrings!!

Happy Monday everyone! Wishing you each a wonderfully creative new week!

Rebekah Payne


  1. Love these earrings Rebekah! and your beads .... can't wait to work with the ones I bought from you

  2. Your design knocked my socks off.

  3. What a great idea, Rebekah! I want to make some like these for sure!

  4. Hi Rebekah! Love love love this design! My ribbon stash will be 'ransacked' this weekend so I can give this a try! Thank you!


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