Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It is a good thing.

In my last two posts I have talked about my new attitude in designing as well as my current bead buying ban.  Both of those posts although I was talking positively about it came from a sad place at the time.  I have since discovered or rediscovered my beads!  And what a joy it is!

Yes my tray is a disaster but I have been finishing up designs that were started and for whatever reasons put aside.  Some of those reasons are things like I ran out of the beads the pattern called for or I got frustrated with the design.

I have actually been excited about beading lately.  I have found new ways to get past the frustration as well as gone back to look at those beads I HAD to have but haven't touched because another HAD to have got in the way.

I was inspired by these little dragon scale beads and made a matching bracelet for the necklace with Lesley's rose heart.

I am revisiting the long magatama's I was gifted by a dear friend and looked at them in a new way.

I actually think I will be looking into my UFO box for more inspiration.

I offer a challenge to you all.  Before you hit the buy button (but if you have the means hit it already) check out your own stash and revisit past unfinished designs see if you are inspired.


  1. Your designs are gorgeous! I am trying to use your suggestion about finishing projects rather than buying!

  2. Great job Kristen, I really like the bracelet. I too need to look at my ufo's and pieces I set aside to make earrings for etc.


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