Monday, November 24, 2014

Inspired By A Trip To The Desert

Yesterday I landed in Las Vegas.  My parents came and picked Colin and I up and drove us out to their home in Southern Utah.  We visit them once a year out there and I LOVE it!  I always come home from this trip filled with inspiration.  Let me show you why...
My parents live in the desert.  This is a short drive from their house.  

We usually go out for one or two hikes while we are there.  My parents took some rockhounding classes at their local community college and so we search for petrified wood, fossils and various stones.  
Sometimes we get lucky and find one!  You've probably noticed that spirals and fossils are a recurring theme in my work.
About 45 minutes away from their home is Springdale, Utah.  Springdale sits outside of Zion National Park.  Two of my favorite places are located in Springdale.  The first is The Worthington Gallery.  Located inside a historical home, this gallery is FILLED with amazing local pottery and art. I always select a few pieces to bring back with me.  
Also located in Springdale is this fabulous rock shop.  I go nuts in here every year.  Do I need more cabochons?  That's a ridiculous question!  Of course I do!
I created this ring using a septarian nodule cabochon I purchased from that shop.  The shop owner is  a lapidary. He uses septarian nodules local to Utah and a variety of other stones, including a few local jaspers.
And of course, if you drive through Springdale you end up in Zion National Park.  It's kind of hard to not be inspired by this place!  Look at those layers of color and all that texture!
And speaking of Zion, I'm heading out there today.  Going to stop at the rock shop first, then Worthington Gallery and then head into the park!  I wonder what kind of inspiration I'll come back with this time.

Happy Beading and Happy Thanksgiving!

Diana P.


  1. OMG, If I were you, I would probably go live in that rock shop or the gallery if they let me. It all looks really gorgeous

  2. Definitely a place I want to go!! Your pics are gorgeous and I also would love to visit that shop!! Can't wait to see what you come home with.

  3. Beautiful part of the country, lovely people, wonderful artistry! Have a great time!


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