Sunday, November 23, 2014

Easy DIY Necklace Tutorial With Art Beads & Fiber

I have a necklace tutorial for you today that would make a fabulous holiday gift or an easy, yet distinctive accessory for yourself.

Here's what you'll need:
*28 inches (71 c.m.) of leather cord (more or less, depending on your preferred length)
*3 Speckled Nugget Beads (or similar beads with holes large enough to accommodate the leather cord
*1 package of Wooly Wire to coordinate with your beads
*12 inches (30.5 c.m.) 22 gauge wire
*2 medium channel beads
*2 small channel beads
*2 jump rings
*1 clasp
*Super Glue, or similar fast setting glue
*flat nose or half round pliers

1. Working off the roll of Wooly Wire, glue one end to the top of one of the channel beads, just below the "lip" of the bead.  Initially I made a small right angle in the Wooly Wire and glued it down, as in the picture below.  But as I proceeded with the other channel beads I tried gluing the Wooly Wire down without the bend and it didn't seem to make any difference.  So do whatever you prefer.
 2. When the glue dries, begin wrapping the Wooly Wire snugly around the channel bead.
3.Cut the Wooly Wire when you have filled the channel bead with your wraps.  Glue down the end of the wire.
4.  Follow the same procedure for the other three channel beads.  Sometimes there will be an especially thick portion of the Wooly Wire (as in the top right corner of the picture above).  If you wish, you can skip that part and just use the more even, thinner parts. On the other hand, you may prefer a more rustic, less even look, in which case, use the thick and thin portion both.
5. Insider Tip:  Although I'd love for you to feel a close creative bond with Wooly Wire, it is best not to develop an actual physical bond with it.  Be careful with Super Glue.  As you can see in the picture below I glued some of the Wooly Wire to my fingers.
 6.  String your beads onto the leather cord in the following order:  1 small channel bead, 1 Speckled Nugget Bead, 1 medium channel bead, 1 Speckled Nugget Bead,  1 Speckled Nugget Bead, 1 small channel bead.
7. Cut the 22 gauge wire in half.  Place one of the jump rings  about half an inch from one end of the leather cord and fold over the cord end.  Wrap the cord end with one of the pieces of 22 gauge wire.  Do the same on the other end of the leather cord.
8. Open one jump ring and slip on one half of the clasp.  Open the other jump ring and slip on the other half.

The "Boho Blue" necklace is available in my shop.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial. This is a wonderful necklace!

  2. oh that is fantastic! I wouldn't have thought to put the wooly wire on the 'channel bead.' I've seen those and would have thought to bead around them, but this is infinitely better! Great design

  3. Very nice, where does one buy channel beads?

    1. You can get the channel beads from the Wooly Wire store on Etsy. I added a link in the tutorial, where I list the things you need to make the necklace.

      You can also get Wooly Wire and channel beads from Starry Road Studio:

  4. Love the beautiful bohemian quality of your design! The tutorial is awesome and easy to follow - thank you for using WoolyWire!

  5. You are creating amazing fashion jewellery designs. I admire your unique style without being too ornate or floral.


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