Monday, March 17, 2014

Just Playing Around

Sometimes when I'm near the end of a chunk of wedged clay I like to play around with random tools.  This is how my funny face pendants and beads came to be.  The other day I was nearing the end of my work and decided to play around with the last bit of clay.

The first thing I did was roll a ball of brown stoneware and smoosh it flat.
Then I started poking at it with some wooden flower petal cuppers.

Well that was cute so I added another row using a stylus.
Then I decided to put the hole in the center with a small cutter...
I was happy with what I had created so I decided to wedge some more clay and make a few variations...
When I return from the bead cruise I'll sponge, bisque fire and glaze them.  The plan is to use multiple colors and then wipe the glaze off the top to let the natural clay peek through.

I'll reveal the finished pieces as soon as they are ready!

Happy Beading!

Diana P.
Suburban Girl Studio LLC


  1. I love them, they make me think of marigolds and chrysanthemums! I really like the big rings at the bottom too. Can't wait to see what colors you choose!

  2. These turned out really nice. I love the contrast between glaze and the clay peeking out. Can't wait to see the final results. Have fun on Bead Cruise!

  3. These look great and some of them do look like chrysanthemums. Looking forward to seeing the finished versions!

  4. Love this design! Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces, the description sounds intriguing. Thank you for sharing your creative process with us. Have a great time on the cruise! Post lots of photos when you return!


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