Monday, March 10, 2014

Scratch Foam

Today I'm going to share some of my newest Foam Board Textures.

I really like this long and lean design, I made several mistakes which I was able to disguise (below) but I think I'll try this one again and see if I can do a better job!

I've had it in my mind for awhile to use the coptic cross shape and do some original texture in them and I really love results! 
I should have taken a picture of these before I rolled the copper on it, they would have looked much prettier without all that copper left behind but I was too excited to see what they looked like.

Very Tribal inspired, I haven't even cleaned these up so they are very rough around the edges.

I'm really looking forward to firing these.

Now for some bloopers, these could not be saved!

I didn't even see how much it looked like a flag until I rolled the copper on to it, I tried to doctor it up but nothing worked.

I know you can't see much with that sign over the top but you're not missing anything.
I rolled copper on to it to see what it looked like but nope, it is a reject!

Sometimes you can't tell what it's going to look like until you roll it out,
and sometimes rolling it out doesn't help one bit.

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  1. I like that first shape and texture and the little crosses are great! This foam looks easy to work with if unforgiving.

  2. Very creative way to make some shapes.

  3. I love the primitive quality these pieces have. It makes me think of Mexican folk art.


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