Saturday, October 26, 2013

Two Weeks in Review - In Tree Wings Studio

Alrighty… it's time to report in:

Here's my work table after two weeks of managed studio time. Yes, I did tidy it up a bit — things were more than a little messy!

Did I meet my goals? Not quite. But I made very good progress. For my shop staples, here are my totals:

I cast, shaped, and painted 24 Queen Anne's Lace beads and pendants, and painted 22 previously cast Queen Anne's Lace beads.

I sculpted 52 sleepy critters.

And, I started painting 22 sleepy owls (sculpted a few weeks back).

I didn't do as well with new bead ideas. But that's okay — sometimes new ideas just don't come easily. I did make some of my current beads in new colors though: 5 Queen Anne's Lace pendants, and 14 (soon to be) painted speckle beads — I'll be testing new paint mixtures on these.

And the sleepy fawns are getting ready to become reindeer for Christmas, 2 new sleepy puppy dog designs are in progress, and 1 pine cone became a mold for new beads.

Scheduled for tomorrow, I have new crackle beads — they are going to go with a certain pretty copper component from Kristi

So all in all, things did not go as perfectly as I'd hoped, but they did go nearly as well as I expected. I'm about 2/3rds of the way to where I want to be and this was only the first two weeks. But, I'm encouraged and very excited about what I can accomplish in another two weeks! There will be some more schedule tweaking and possibly an adjustment of my completed bead goals.

And… I almost forgot to mention, my sisters and I had fun trying out a new brownie recipe on my "day off"! Yum!

Yes, it was a very good beady two weeks! How did you all do? Did you find/make more time for creativity? Did you create anything new? And most of all did you have fun? Do share!


  1. Wow, I'm really impressed and inspired by all you've accomplished in these past two weeks. I hope you keep sharing your progress to keep inspiring the rest of us to stay focused.

  2. Well done Rebekah - a great output and I can't force new ideas they'll come in their own good time.

  3. Very impressive! Making a schedule is easy but sticking to it takes motivation.

  4. It's fun to see your beads in various states of the process. Congrats on creating what sounds like a great system. One of my main goals has been organizing my work space. I made great strides recently. Yay!


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