Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Cindy Wimmer (author of the new book, The Missing Link) and Jeanette Blix (owner of Fundametals) are the co-creators of ArtBLISS, a weekend retreat in Sterling, VA.  ArtBLISS was created four years ago to provide three days of fun, jewelry-related classes to all of us arty-types!  I had the pleasure of attending the first, second, and fourth (this) years.

Art Jewelry Elements was represented at ArtBLISS this year by Melissa Meman!!!! Karen Totten, Jenny Davies-Reazor, Diana Ptaszynski and me!




I took two classes this year: Thin Gauge Sheet Metal Workshop by Stacie Florer; and Worlds of Color Polymer Clay by Christine Damm. Stacie is a delight as a teacher, and Christine is so enthusiastic about polymer it's catching!  I had a lot of fun - I have not really worked in metal before like this, and don't do much with polymer either.  I wanted to expand my horizons!

Here is a photo of a pendant I made in Stacie's class - I LOVE it!  I learned to cut, form and rivet thin gauge sheet metal!

And these are earring pendants I made, but they are not patinaed or tumbled yet.  I am still deciding if I want to add rivets to the bottom to dangle some beads (I'm thinking yes) so I have to wait to get my little riveting gadget in the mail!  And rivets...  Did I mention ArtBLISS makes you buy MORE things than you already have?

There are finished beads I made in Christine's class - again, I LOVE them!  I had so much fun with polymer clay.

And here are beads that are in the process of being completed.  I need to order some oil crayons to use on them (there's that BUY more stuff again!!!!).

On Saturday night we had a vendor night, and got to sell (and trade) some of our beads to the attendees of the workshop.

I highly recommend you check out ArtBLISS next year - it will be their 5 year anniversary and I hear they want to plan some really special things! 


  1. Oh I have three shopping cart windows as we speak! Metal, tools, oh my! But ArtBliss is a highlight of my year!

  2. It was so much fun being in classes with you and gettting to meet you in person. You are right - both teachers are amazing and so enthusiatic. I'm making my list of "must haves" from the classes too.

  3. It was so good to meet you in person and taking classes together. You are right - both teachers are awesome and so enthusiatic! I am working on my list of "must haves" now.

  4. It was SO much fun to come to ArtBliss! I loved meeting the people most of all. Giving real hugs is so much better than cyber ones! ;-) Your pieces are lovely, and yes, you have to buy more things when you get home! I am stalking those crayons and when I find a good price, I will let you know! They are totally transforming how I do things! And the metal. Swoon! I am on the hunt for 30 gauge! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Oh Sue it's all fantastic!! I love the Pendant from Stacie's class and the Polymer Clay pieces and everything!! Hope I can attend one of these days. We need Artbliss on the west coast please!!

  6. Oh I wish I could have been there, what a wonderful student you are! May I ask, oil crayons - as in Shiva sticks? I've been testing Shiva on polymer for about a year now, it would be great to know there are others.

  7. Great post, but, ahem, I was also there, representing AJE! :)

  8. SO sorry Melissa - you are now added!

  9. I so wished I could have been there with you all if just to observe!


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