Monday, August 22, 2016

New AJE Contributors: a Brief Intro

Hello friends! The AJE team is super excited to introduce our new contributors. They are all super talented, creative women, who will add new dimension and experiences to the blog. They will begin writing in September, including introducing themselves more in depth to you. In the meantime, you can get a preview of what to look forward to.

Laney Mead

First up is lampworker and writer for Cat World Magazine, Laney Mead. She makes incredible sculptural beads, especially animals. You can find her work in her Etsy shop and read her blog here.

Laney started out her artistic pursuits with paper and pencil, with no real formal training. She discovered lampworking one weekend and after a blissful two days of making wonkies, she was hooked and has been lampworking ever since.

Cathy Mendola

Next up is jewelry artist Cathy Mendola. She has tried several different mediums including metalsmithing, but a couple years ago she learned bead embroidery and has been hooked ever since. You can learn more about Cathy by reading her blog here, and peruse her Etsy shop here

Claire Fabian

Claire, who lives in Germany (the rest of the team are based in the US and the UK), likes to tell stories with her work. She uses the tagline "to add a little odd to your life" after getting the complement that her work is odd, so she will fit in perfectly! 

Claire works as a researcher by day, and creating with several different mediums in her off hours helps keep her sane (does this sound familiar?) You can read Claire's blog here and take a look at her Etsy shop

Cooky Schock

I don't have Cooky's profile photo yet so I swiped this one off Facebook, which was posted by Sam Leonard

Cooky had written a post for AJE about using a lucet before we begged her to join as a regular contributor. Cooky has a wide variety of artistic pursuits, has been a bead shop owner and is now a traveling teacher. Check out her website gallery for some eye candy  

We are really excited for you all to get to know these artists better and for the new experience and energy they bring with them. We know you will love them! 

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