Wednesday, March 9, 2016

When Inspiration Strikes...

When inspiration strikes, it apparently happens all at once!
Haiti, Bead Cruise 2015
I've been in a creative drought for quite some time but apparently with Bead Cruise 2016 creeping up on me, the inspiration faerie has decided to return.
Left: Chunky tropical necklace  Right: Batik factory, St. Kitts
It seems that with the need to have some tropical accessories, I suddenly found myself inspired again! It all started with that big, chunky polymer focal from ArtyBecca. It reminded me of my trip to St. Kitts last year and the beautiful batik factory. Thanks to my recent studio upgrade, I was able to easily locate lots of beads that would coordinate nicely. 

Left: Driftwood necklace  Right: Bermuda
Back in July, I took a trip to Bermuda with my husband to celebrate our anniversary.  As I was going through my bead collection I came upon this strand of painted driftwood from Nature Scavenger and they reminded me of the gorgeous beaches in Bermuda.  Turns out, they matched perfectly with some wood chain I had from Priscilla Beads.  A little wire and some waxed linen and BOOM, another tropical necklace complete!
Wood and bone necklace
The final of the cruise-inspired pieces came about on its own.  As I was sorting through my collection choosing beads for the other necklaces, I pulled some of these beads out and made a pile. After playing around and moving beads here and there, the full necklace came together.

Beach Treasure Necklace
I'm very excited about this necklace!  Back in November when I was attending the bead retreat with Jenny and Sue, I found this green sea pebble while beachcombing.   Jenny took it home with her and then set it in a fabulous copper bezel.  I paired it with some prehnite nuggets, czech glass and a drilled river stone.

Purple and green bowlerite pendant
It isn't just simple, beaded jewelry inspiration that is back!  I've also been working on bead embroidery again!  One of the promises I made to myself this year was to buy less beads and use more of what I already have.  I selected this bowlerite (bowling ball) cabochon by David Rowland and used all beads I had in my stash.  In fact, the silver and large purple beads came from the 2015 Bead Cruise goody bags!

As soon as I finished this pendant, I started selecting cabochons and beads for my next several projects.

Greenman Pendant/Brooch
This is my most recently finished piece.  The polymer cabochon is from Jenny.  I sewed a pinback with attached bail on to the back to make it a more versatile piece.  

Seashell pendant in progress
Here's what I'm currently working on.  This is my first time using a real shell (found on a prior cruise) in my bead embroidery.  I'm hoping to put shell or coral fringe around the outside as I've never done that before.  Lots of learning going on!

Now I just need to get myself back in the ceramic studio and start making beads again.  Baby steps.

Have you been struck by the inspiration faerie recently?


  1. I'm glad you're getting your mojo back! As soon as I opened this post I knew from the top picture that it was one of yours... I was all "that's our cabana!" Good times. I'm so ready for the dates for Bead Cruise 2017 to open up... I want to go back!!

  2. Your Holiday inspired necklaces are really great! I love working with these sort of natural beads and also hand made beads too and holidays can be so inspirational.

  3. Your bead embroidery is beautiful.

  4. Luv this post. I enjoyed the inspiration photos and how they translated into beads for the Necklaces. thank you for sharing

  5. So glad your mojo is back. Your bead embroidery is beautiful.


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