Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tiny Faux Terrarium Pendant

I'm currently getting ready for two events; the bead cruise and Steampunk World's Fair.  In my prior post I shared what I was making for the cruise.  Now I'm going to share with you a project I'm working on for one of my steampunk costumes!

Photo and hat by Chiki Bird
I purchased this fabulous mini top hat from Chiki Bird Hat Studio  for a steampunk faerie costume I'm putting together.  I have most everything I need for it but I'm missing jewelry.  I love the little mushrooms all over the hat so I knew I wanted the pendant to incorporate them somehow.  In my vast supply stash I happened to have several glass-domed components.

Glass Dome Component
I purchased my stash of them from Ingredients for Lovely.  You can also find them at Make Desert Green if you'd like to buy in bulk.

Tiny Faux Mushrooms
I took a trip over to the local craft store and purchased tiny faux mushrooms in an assortment of sizes. You can find these in the dollhouse miniature aisle.

I also picked up a bag of moss found in the same aisle as the sand, glass pebbles and foam for wreath-making.

Trimmed Moss
I trimmed down some of the moss until it fit inside the metal base.

Snipped Mushrooms
Then I selected and snipped the wire off of two mushrooms.  I left a tiny stem on each mushroom for adding the glue too.

Moss in base
After playing around with the mushroom placement, I spread a thin layer of glue on the base and pressed the moss down onto it.
Mushrooms in moss
After allowing the glue to dry, I added a dab of glue to the bottom of each mushroom and inserted them into the moss.

Finished Pendant
Once the mushrooms were dry, I put tiny drops of glue onto the inside of the base and covered the mushrooms with the glass globe.  The bail was glued on once the base was secure.

Adding a jump ring
I added a jump ring and some ball chain but you can easily do some beaded wirework if you prefer something fancier!

Finished Terrarium Pendant

If you'd like to go a step further and really customize your terrarium, make your plants from polymer, air-dry or ceramic clay!  

Happy Beading!


  1. Oh, cool! I wish I could go! I wish I had the money to cosplay something cool to make it worth going, lol! I did an Airship Kaylee from the Joss Whedon show, 'Firefly', for last summer's San Diego Comic Con. I didn't have a lot of money for the costume, but I saw the show costume designer and she thought it was good, so that was awesome!

    What glue did you use, before I forget, lol?

  2. OK, that's what I figured. I use that too, but always on the lookout!


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