Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Working With Wire

One of the things I have been enjoying recently is wire wrapping, so I thought I would share my wire wrapping journey and some amazing sites for anyone else that would like to learn or improve their skills with wire.

It started way back in 2012 when I happened upon a tutorial by the amazing Nicole Hanna for a key pendent, I liked it so much I brought it regardless of the fact it was designed for intermediate wire wrappers and I had next to no experience. It was so beautifully written and with such clear photos that after a few attempts my key looked pretty much well like a key!
Key Pendent Design By Nicole Hanna
If you have not been to Nicole Hanna's web site then you are really missing out. She always goes above and beyond in her generosity to the wire wrapping community, in so many ways!
Every first Tuesday of the month Nicole has a tutorial treasure hunt for one of her tutorials on the site, if you can find it you get to download it for free (click here for more information). There is also introductions into wire weaving and types of weaves, information on pricing you work, photo editing, contests and so, so much more!!!
Fast forward to January 2015 and my next attempt at wire wrapping comes from the book Timeless Wire Weaving by the amazing Lisa Barth you can read my review and how much I love that book here.

from the book Timeless Wire Weaving by the amazing Lisa Barth
Although I really wanted to try every single design in the book for some reason I have not got around to it yet but I had better get a move on as Lisa is already writing a new book!
So my next attempt at wire wrapping came after a very inspiring demo at the 2015 October Big Bead Show, Sandown where I got to see James Ferris of Lonely Soldier working his magic with wire, I was so impressed that I had to buy one of his tutorials....

Design From LSDesigns Prong Wrap Project Booklet

This booklet is jam packed full of GREAT tips for wonderfully neat wire work, and I just love the beautiful swirls.
Then, as seems to be the way months pass until I get around to another project. This time it was the amazing work of Nicole again, as well as her amazing web site Nicole also has a You Tube channel called Go Art Yourself (where dose she find the time?) where she posted a tutorial for a wire wrapped Crowned Hair Fork and oh my goodness I HAD to give that a try, Unfortunately in my haste to get started I cut my wires too short and got half way through the design before noticing so had to improvise the ending, but I still quiet like it.

Crowned Hair Fork
I of course had to add art beads (I am so over excited that I can now wear art beads in my hair, so I shall be making lots more of these)! The lampwork shell is by Mandrel Beads and of course the lampwork head pin is by our own wonderful Glass Addictions by Jen Cameron. 
Then after a few hours were lost skipping around on You Tube (where I stumbled upon OxanaCrafts, another MUST see channel, I love her Heady Style Wire Wrapped Pendent Tutorial and her 3 stone Asymmetrical Wire Wrapped Pendeant Tutorial).
Then I got to thinking I would try my own design, now I don't know how others go about designing things but most of mine is done through playing/trial and error, but mostly I sit and I play with my beads, see what goes nicely and see where that leads me. Well that's what I did and this one just happened....

Wire Wrapped Lampwork
The center bead is by Moogin of course and lampwork head pin by Jen Cameron (I am steadily working through my stash). 
Now I like this but it is not neat enough and needs more swirls! 
My eventual plan is to build up enough confidence with wire to then be able to try the STUNNING tutorial by Imnium
If you are interested in wire work (and are on facebook) then Wire Wrap Tips & Tutorials is a great place to visit with lots of tip and a wonderfully helpful crowd!


  1. holy moly! what a journey through wire weaving ... to mastery. wow. really beautiful work

  2. What a great post! Thank you. I have to confess that sometimes in the past, wire wrapping has left me cold, but you just warmed it up for me! Maybe it is the addition of art beads. I love Jen Cameron's head pins with it. Your hair fork makes me wish I had the hair to use it with! Also, I can see how that beautiful key design got you started. All your work is just beautiful.

  3. Hi Niky, Your prong wrapped pendant is wonderful. I am impressed with your design also.


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