Monday, February 15, 2016


I don't know about you but sometimes I fall in love with a pattern or technique in beading and then I see the materials list and.......
 Well I know how you feel and it happened again to me when I saw the newest Beadwork magazine.

 Cindy Holsclaw has a snippet of an earring pattern in there that uses dragon scale beads and makes a cute little flower.  I flipped to the materials list and there it was.  Half tilas and bugles.  Oh boy I have them but not to match the dragon scales so I started to play with substituting beads that are in my stash.

It worked but it wasn't quite the look I was going for.  It seemed a bit too high.

She showed a bracelet that was really what attracted me to the design.  This one was just a bit on the high side.  What to do.  I still don't have the half tilas but what if I dug through my bin to see if there were bugles hiding somewhere.

I thought with a tiny bit of white it would bring the flowers out more and you know it really did.

So sometimes you can just adjust a pattern or substitute a bead and still get the same effect.  I cant wait to finish this one.

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