Saturday, February 27, 2016

Art Field Trip: the ACC show in Baltimore (Part 2)

The ACC show Baltimore - Part 2. 
Having studied metals in college, and having set it aside for so many years... I am drawn to jewelry work in metals and am stepping back into metals one step at a time. This year at the ACC show there were so many people, so many amazing pieces I wanted to share with you, I have continued this post! Please take a look, I hope you are inspired and amazed. 

"I compose and paint the miniatures using references from a collection of art books as well as museum visits. I am particularly drawn to the landscapes and details in paintings by Giovanni Bellini, Lorenzo Lotto, Dosso Dossi and Jan Van Eyck.  To produce the miniature images, I use very fine brushes, good lighting and a magnifier. I use acrylic paint as it dries quickly and allows me to work on a small scale.

The frame designs for the one of a kind polyptychs and tabernacles are also based on Renaissance styles. I design and build the frames with wood using miniature moldings and a centuries old water gilding technique. The result is well worth the labor-intensive process. In the end, I hope to capture the luminosity of Renaissance painting in miniature."

I have no words. I had to take my glasses OFF to see better. The paintings alone are stunning... but these images are LARGER than life size. Classical, breath taking. 

all images (C) Christina Goodman

Eldreth Designs:
"Eldreth Designs was established in 2011 and is an extention of my family's pottery business, Eldreth Pottery

When I started working with my family in 2006, it was not only important for me to keep the business within the family but also to contribute something unique to the company. All designs are my original designs. With the help of my Dad, we have created a unique line of production and one of a kind jewelry.  We incorporate porcelain tiles with fine metal mountings. All of the designs are original designs and we produce them at our workshop in Oxford, PA."

Ceramics and metal? Clay in jewelry? Well, we are speaking my language... and Eldreth pottery is relatively local to my area. I was excited to see this new line of work as the next generation branches out from the pottery's traditional salt glazed ware.  The two lines show the contrast of more modern streamlined house and tree icons vs the organic painterly tree portraits. The painterly pendants were reversible - color on one side, black and white on the reverse. 
All images (C) Eldreth Designs

Eric Silva: 
"My jewelry is about self-examination; revealing pieces of myself through artistic creations. I draw my inspiration from the often overlooked simplicity of beauty found in the ordinary."

Such gorgeous materials - I was captivated by the antler. Hand carved, ethically sourced, light weight, fantastic textures, and very melodious when hung in a grouping. 
All images (C) Eric Silva
Logan Louis:
As a solo working artist, I collect and cast specimens from nature. These organic objects become my raw materials. The leaves that I find on the ground... I take these leaves, prepare them, and burn them out, creating a mold into which I then cast sterling silver or gold, so that the end product is solid metal.

I know - more organic pieces. This is what calls to me. I loved the collage element in these pieces. Color inserts, segments stitched or riveted together. There were some simple, others very ornate, but stunning regardless.
All images (C) Logan Louis

If you get a chance to attend one of the ACC Craft shows - by all means go!

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