Friday, January 22, 2016



No not the shuttle.

As I was drafting my post I had two different subjects going through my mind.  The first was talking about how the beads are just not talking to me right now and what I do to attempt to jump start my mojo.  The other is the trend of picking a Word Of The Year.   I was having a hard time picking so I am just going to talk about them both.  I started this year thinking my word would be appreciation.  As you read this post you will see that it changed.

Like I stated the beads just are not talking.  I have ideas but as I try to make them work they are not working out like in my mind.

See what I mean and it is not like I don't have enough beads.

As you can see I have a pretty decent stash.  And like so many of you I have looked at my stash and said to "if I just order these I can get it done", however I am discovering that it is the easy answer.  All those beads you have already purchased because you just had to have them are sitting there waiting. Waiting to be discovered, waiting to be used.  As we are face uncertainty both personally and globally I need to make this a stash only year.  I need to challenge myself and discover just how artistic I can be.

What do I do when the beads are not talking?  Well first I organize everything and I mean everything.  I love art in many forms.  Before I started beading I loved cross stitch.  So as I was organizing I also rediscovered my stash, and also realized I am a stash builder.  I need to get back to finishing these projects.

Then I organized my quilting stash and rediscovered I really miss it and I have a stash for it....

Rediscovering both quilting and cross stitch still wasn't quite enough to get the mojo moving so before Christmas I was seeing what my teammates were doing with needle felting I needed to give it a try.  I found I really like it and I can follow what ever idea I have.

I have also made a sad attempt at making a cabochon

The one thing I need to be very careful of is to not get myself in a stash building mode.  I have only purchased the very basics.

I have been really enjoying needle felting and manipulating the fibers I am feeling so creative but still the beads are being silent.  When I was looking for the supplies I made a trip to a local wool shop called The Woolery on Main Street.  While I was there something else struck me.  She had an amazing display of Wool Hooked Rugs.  I know the first thought for some of you is the yarn hooking thing but this is so much different, it uses strips of wool fabric to create beautiful pictorials.  I was so amazed by them I came home and called my friend Maria and we both agreed we needed to take a class together.  My daughter was so sweet she gave me a certificate for the class for Christmas.

Here is the class project

I am so excited to give this a try.

What does all this have to do with my word of the year you ask?  Well as I was thinking about all of this it changed.  I still plan to appreciate what I have but I now have a year of discovery in front of me.  So my word is now Discovery.

plural noun: discoveries
  1. 1.
    the action or process of discovering or being discovered.
    "the discovery of the body"
    synonyms:findinglocation, uncovering, unearthing
    "the discovery of the body"

So this year I am going to appreciate the stash I have and discover what I can create with it and if I get stuck I will be able to step away knowing that I have other discoveries to make outside of beads.  They are still my first passion but sometimes it is okay to take a break.  What do you do when the beads are not talking?


  1. Kristen, When I read this, I could be reading about me, down to the hooked rugs and felted animals! I add painting and journaling to the "stash" mix too. There is something to be said about all this creativity inside me -- but space is a real issue! I loved this article; it made me chuckle as I thanked the heavens I wasn't the only one out there that's on a voyage of discovery! Thanks for your post!

    1. You are so welcome. I am also glad I am not the only one.

  2. I love your cab!! Oh I'm just like you - and isn't it wonderful?! You're going to love rug hooking I bet. I do. It's definitely something you'll end up building a stash for though, because you know you need just that right color.

    1. Oh no just don't tell my husband he says I can't build a stash

  3. favorite is the cabochon! I love the golden retriever looking at the moon!

  4. I love it when artists and makers in one area branch out into another! Your needle felted pieces are gorgeous! I'm a multi crafter so i do which ever craft i feel like at the time. It works for me. I'm also always on a voyage of discovery, i go to lots of classes and try new techniques and new crafts

  5. Looks like you're into the same stuff as me! I was an EPIC level cross-stitcher. Pardon the D&D reference - I'm also a gaming nerd. For years, I rarely did a piece less than 120,000 stitches. I finally got burned out when I kept screwing up "The Crystal Ball" by John William Waterhouse. I've merged my x-stitch stash into my jewelry making stash and I'll use it for something eventually! I also toyed with felting a tiny bit before deciding on jewelry making for my next obsession. I'm even trying to make a wee business out of it.

    Two years ago, I had to quit my expat teaching life in Seoul, Korea to come back to the States to be the 24/7 caregiver for my parents, who both have dementia. I'm unemployed because caregiving isn't considered an actual job?! Anyway, my "workshop" is a 4.5' x 5' walk-in closet. Yeah. :) So, it really struck a chord with me when you said "if I just order these I can get it done". Man, have I been spending a LOT of money lately on supplies! Money I don't have. Time to stop buying and start producing!

    So my word this year is PRODUCE!

    PRODUCE /prəˈdus/ verb - to bring into existence by intellectual or creative ability

    PS: That sitting fox kit is waiting in my "Misc crafting stuff", lol

    1. I love that you get it. And you need to let me see your Fox when it is done.

    2. I love that you get it. And you need to let me see your Fox when it is done.

  6. I love your needle felting and what I have been seeing others make with that. I also love wool hooked rugs and used to collect antique rugs. I hope you enjoy your year of discovery!


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