Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bead Studio Redo

Since we moved in to this house a few years ago, I've been using the smallest bedroom as my office.  Unfortunately, I'm a messy person and over time the mess had gotten so out of control that I was working on a small space on the floor.

Old messy office
At one point, I had the room somewhat cleaned up enough to sit at the desk again.  That didn't last long.

So Colin and I sat down one day and discussed swapping my office with the guest room.  The guest room only gets used a few times each year so it seemed a waste of space.  We pulled all the furniture out and repainted the guest room a soothing blue (it was an ugly yellow).

We then made a few trips to IKEA for some new furniture, including this great desk!
IKEA desk
I'm hoping to be able to keep this one relatively clean (hahahahahahahaha).
Scenes from the desk area
On the right side of my desk, I have my vintage dress form and some jewelry hangers.  I'm still loading lots of jewelry on them but they are a fun way to keep everything visible.  I also like to keep special trinkets and gifts on my desk.  They make me happy and keep me inspired!

New bead storage
Also to the right of my desk is one of my new bead storage units.  These are two Alex units from IKEA stacked and they hold three bead tray inserts in each of them.

A peek inside the ALEX units 
I spent several hours emptying all my bead boxes and filling tray inserts.  I also have my leather, ultra suede and photo cubes stored in this section.

More bead and craft storage
On the other side of the room are even more bead and craft supply storage units.  If you're wondering about the giant pig, it's a vintage chalkware piggy bank.   One of my favorite weird finds.
Scenes from the cabinets
This is the area where I keep all my art beads, cabochons, resin, paper crafts, rubber stamps, fabrics, ribbons, millinery and more.

Commercial and handmade rubber stamps

Ooooooo beads!

Organizers and printing area
I'm still working on getting all my organizers and artwork hung on the walls.  There are still shelves waiting to go up and decorative tiles and framed prints.  There's also a pile of boxes on the floor waited to be sorted.  Once all of that is taken care of, I'll be ordering a small recliner and footstool.  That will be my place to do bead embroidery or read my craft books.

I can't wait for the room to be finished.  I now have the type of office that inspires me instead of making me want to turn and run!

Have you recently redone your studio?


  1. Wow I am impressed! I hope you are able to keep it that way! I did an organization week a few weeks ago and it's already a crazy mess! I like using the bead boxes that you can see into and I put them on shelves so I can pull out one at a time. Before I had them stacked so I had to move ALL of them to get to the bottom one. So that by itself was a huge redo for me.

  2. OMG, it looks so professional and organized!!

  3. Love it. Looks so organized. I too am in the middle of a craft room remodel. Got to love Ikea furnature.
    Question where did you get your peg board wall units? Brilliant idea. I have some hard ware from some old projecti could reuse.

    Thank you for sharing.
    My progress is posting as I get each piece of furnature built.

  4. Congratulations of a marvelous redo of your creative space...Really, really like those cabinets from IKEA! Went right on my studio wish list.

  5. I bought the same IKEA storage drawers a year ago. I love them, but after seeing your inserts I may need to reorganize. I have done a thorough cleaning and put things away this month after the busy, chaotic mess of fourth quarter. I hope you are now inspired!

  6. organized in such a lovely way...inspiring...

  7. Oh I just love your new studio! I can see that I really need to hit up Ikea.

  8. SO clean! So bright! So organized! LOVE it. Wow. Its like catalog perfect. and colorful and inspiring.

  9. It looks great and I especially love the storage cabinets. Where did you find the bead trays? I must have them!!

  10. Hmm, must be nice to have a WHOLE ROOM! Yeah, I'm sups jelly. My "workshop" is a 4x5 closet. Would it be really awful to make my mother sleep in the attic over the garage so I can turn her bedroom into craft heaven?

    I don't use bead trays atm, but where did you get them in case I change that? Also, LOVE the Alex units, but, again, no room for them! I'm using the built-in wire shelving put in by the landlord and lots of baby food jars and those little tins with the see-through lids.

    1. Bead trays are from Nile Corp. My old "office" was our dining room table when we lived in the apartment.

  11. I love your studio ... thanks for sharing!!! Ikea, here I come!

  12. Oh my have inspired me! I just barely put away Christmas gift wrap that was all over my office. (so embarrassed, LOL) Now, for the organizing and getting my office in order! Thanks for sharing!

  13. You are a lucky lady. You have carved out a great space to work in and why not. You deserve it!

  14. Beautiful space, I also have the Alex dressar, where did you find your bead trays that fit the drawers?

  15. Thanks for sharing. This is so inspiring. Your space is great! I am in the middle of a reorganization of my mess of a studio. It never fully transitioned from my old uses (paper crafts/office/books) to my new jewelry tools and supplies, so there is WAY too much stuff in there. I have to be ruthless. I have three surfaces, and they are each going to be dedicated. Today I set up the metal working area. Yay! But I have a LONG way to go. I see several (dozen) trips to donate stuff I need to get out of the way! Thanks again for all the great ideas! I appreciate it.

  16. Looking good! I use the Alex units as well, love them! Where did you find the awesome bead trays that fit the drawers? My stuff is loose in mine...


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