Monday, January 25, 2016

Dimple making pliers - a tutorial

You know when you are scrolling through the Internet and you see a cool tool/thing that you would love to have a play with so you add it to your amazon wish list and then you add a million other things that you don't want to forget about and then Christmas rolls up (and in the same week it's your birthday too) and surprise, you get some very random gifts!!?? No, just me then?
Well this year I got a wonderful collection of eclectic items that left my family some what perplexed as to what they were for. One of the items I got.... Dimple making pliers!

Dimple making pliers
I had seen them used in beautiful designs like this stunning "Fire and Ice" ring that the talented Jenny Davies-Reazor made in an Art Bliss class taught by the amazing R. Salley and thought they look cool, I would like a pair of those!

Jenny's beautiful ring
The first thing I did when I opened these was to head straight to YouTube to see how to use them/what to do with them, and here is what I found....

Looks simple, so now to turn this into a cool design!

Dimpled Earring Components
What you will need....
  • Copper sheet (I used different thicknesses from 0.8mm - 0.4mm all worked well but the thiner was easier to add the dimples to but some what flimsy)
  • Some form of cutting the sheet metal Disc cutter/saw/sharp scissors (I used all of these)
  • Silver jump rings (you can make your own or use pre made)
  • Soldering equipment (although you could just use a hole punch in the top of the shape if you don't want to solder them)
  • 400 Sand paper and a nail buffer
  • Vintaj metal paints
  • Sponge
  • Metal spray sealer
Cutting your shapes
  • First cut out your desired shape, here I have made discs but I also made tear shapes, bars and holly leaves (hearts would look super cute, but I ran out of metal).
  • If you are making your own jump rings do that now, I make mine on bail making pliers and just saw them off as I need them.
  • Sand the edges of your metal shape so there are no sharp edges and so that the metal is all clean for soldering
  • Using solder paste (and all your health and safety equipment) carefully solder the jump rings into place. If you are not using jump rings make a hole in the top of the shape with a hole punch or drill bit.
  • Using your 400 grit sand paper key up/clean the surface of the metal ready for painting
  • Use your dimple making pliers to add texture to your shapes (I rather like the half off the edge ones)
  • Cut up a sponge into inch sized pieces
  • Apply the paint to the sponge (here I use two different colours on one sponge for a nice blended look) 
  • Dab the sponges onto the metal making sure you get a good coverage and wait for it to dry throughly before painting the back of the piece
Removing the paint
  • Set the paint with a heat tool and once compleatly dry remove the paint from the high spots using some of the sand paper and then buff with the nail file for a beautiful shine
  • Seal front and back of the piece with several layers of metal sealer and once fully dry make into earrings....
There are so many different shapes, colours and designs that you could make with these, you could also leave out the paint and set small colourful stones on them.


  1. I was contemplating buying these pliers recently and now I wish i had bought them - they look so cool

    1. I still need to play with them a little more as I am sure there are other cool things that can be done with them!

  2. I never knew until now that I was missing this tool! ^^
    I love your components and finished earrings, they look cool, organic and beautiful :)

    1. Thank you Claire, I'm still missing so many tools!

  3. Such a clear post! Will just admire yours for now, though. I have too many other unfinished projects on my table to start another. Saving for a later time!

    1. I know that feeling, I'm attempting to get some of the unfinnished ones out of the way!

  4. Gobsmacked! Never dreamed there was such a cool tool out there. Thanks for sharing this...Added it to my deeply desire list. Love the direction you've gone with the hinged earrings, too!

    1. Thank you, I do love playing with new things and seeing how they can be used.

  5. Niki, I have birthday and Christmas in the same week also. My sis in law got several things off my amazon list that made me question, so you're not the only one. I love your dimple making pliers.

  6. I've seen these a while ago and love the effect. Great earrings!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Sue, I seem to like writting tutorials!

  8. Dimples are the best. I had no idea that texture was made with such a simple looking tool. I love your color pairings for the paints and how you distressed the dimples.

    1. Thank you Tammy, I think the painting was my fave part, I enjoy seeing how the colours blend together!

  9. thank you much for the tutorial. Luv howw you share little bits of your heart, the luv shows.

  10. Awesome tutorial, now I want a pair of those pliers LOL!!

    1. LOL there are soooo many tools I still want to buy just so I can play with them!


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