Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Wrap up

WOW another year has passed already.  I know we all wonder where the time goes.  I discovered much of  the time went to beading this year as I was thinking of what to post about this week.

At first I wondered if there would be enough to post because I did not feel I was as productive this year but then as I began to gather pictures I was quite surprised.  I have been so challenged by my team mates and the plethora of new beads that came out it was quite a good year.

The year started out with a bang when we had a Use Your Stash Challenge.  It must have been a pretty uneventful month around here because here is what I was able to finish.

And as always my teammates challenge me with the Component of the month challenges.

I love getting so much inspiration.

I also told you it was the year of new beads and I did have the opportunity to play with quite a few.  Here are halfmoons and kheops.

I was even able to share a couple of tutorials with you.  One for the BiBo Buttons with the 4mm button beads you can find here and the other for the Crescent Flowers using Czechmate 2hole crescents you can find here.

There were also times I set out to challenge myself by going way out of my comfort zone.

I really like what happened with these pieces.

I also set a challenge to finish those unfinished projects.  While I am happy with what I did finish, I added one or two more to the still existing pile.  Isn't that always the way.

Then there were a few that just called me to make them.

And last but not least at all there were the new stitches I learned this year.

On the left is Hubble Stitch and on the right is Honeycomb stitch.

So as you can see looking back I did accomplish quite a bit.  For the most part I am really happy with the results and I am looking forward to seeing where this new year takes me.  Happy New Year to you all and let me know what goals you accomplished in 2015.


  1. Oh my goodness! You were very productive.

  2. Wow girl, you really rocked 2015!!! Great work!

  3. I believe you had an awesome year. Its nice to see you have photos of how awesome you were. Artist sometimes make and then forget to photograph their pieces. Beautiful post.


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