Friday, August 28, 2015

Free Tutorial - BiBo Buttons

I know we have talked about many of the new beads that have been introduced just this year.  It has been rather overwhelming in the community trying to decide what to play with.  I have been lucky enough to have gotten my hot little hands on some so I thought, with a little push from my teammates, to show you a couple I absolutely love.  So much so that I have come up with a little tutorial for you.

Button Beads are tiny little 4mm funky beads that have me totally infatuated. They are the brain child of the fabulous Sabine Lippert of Trytobead.  You will see in the bracelet they look to me like little nailheads when woven. 
I have been eyeing up these BiBo beads for quite awhile and I can tell you they do not disappoint at all. I love the shape.  Like a twin or superduo they have two holes but instead of having a fatter middle they are larger on the outside.
When I put the beads on my tray a funny thing happened.  This design just came to life on the first try.  I hope you will enjoy this little tutorial.

Materials needed:
18-20 Button beads
36-40 BiBo beads
Less than 5 grams of 11/0 seed beads
Clasp of your choice

On a comfortable length of fireline pick up 8 seed beads.  Go through all the beads two times and exit the next 2 seed beads.
Pick up a BiBo bead and 1 seed bead.  Go through the next hole of the Bibo bead.
Pick up 1 Button bead, BiBo bead and a seed bead.  Go through the next hole of the BiBo, Button and the starting hole of the first BiBo.
Go through the seed bead and the next hole of the BiBo, pick up 2 seed beads and go through the opposite BiBo.
Go through the seed bead, next hole of the BiBo and through the 2 seed beads in the starting ring.
Weave through to exit the 2 seed beads opposite the starting ring.
Pick up 6 seed beads and go through all the beads again.
Exit the top two seed beads and repeat all the steps for your desired length.  Be sure to add 6 beads at the end of your work for your clasp loop.

Be sure to let me know what you think and if you give it a try.  I would be thrilled to see your colorways.


  1. Great tutorial Kristen. Thanks so much.
    Seems every time I turn around they bring out a new shape of bead, it is hard to keep up with them. Also my bead collection has been growing so rapidly that I've been talking to my hubby about expanding my work room by another 12 feet. It is either that or clear out our 2 car garage and convert it into my work room. Unfortunately my hubby doesn't approve of either idea and incredibly suggests that I stop buying beads. He just doesn't get it, does he ? :D

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to get some soon.

  3. Those BiBo beads are really neat. I've not seen those before. Wow, your design is perfect for them!

  4. Tutorial is great, so where can I get the button beads?

  5. Kristen tutorial is great, so where do I get the button beads? love to make this bracelet...


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