Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Shape of the year for me at least

If you are a beadweaver you know we have been inundated with so many new beads it is really hard to wrap your head around where to start.  There have been spikes, gumdrops, studs, rullas, bricks, twins, superduos, tiles, tilas, half tilas, silkies, o beads, pellets and so on.  It has been over load to say the very least.

See what I mean?  But I think I have found a theme for this year that totally inspires me.  Triangles!!!

There are Tri beads,

Two hole Czechmate Triangles

6mmX6mm Pyramids

and now the addition of another 2 hole triangle.  Kheops by Puca

I am very exctited about working with all of these.

Is there a new bead you are really excited about?


  1. I too am smitten with the new bead. I have used several of the shapes and just today I bought my first tri beads. The only ones I have not seen are the kheops. I adore the dous and the czechmate triangles.

  2. They are all so pretty, and I always love what you do so really looking forward to seeing what you create my friend!


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