Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home is where the heart is

I’m a little bit stuck this week, I’m in the middle of a rewire in the studio so everything I spent hours lovingly placing around the room is now in a massive pile in the middle. 

So being without a workbench, I thought I’d share one of my favourite components to make and look at, little houses. Houses are a great subject for component makers, each one has individual meaning and can be made special with it’s own unique features and decor.

They can be created in an Impressionist style…

More realistic…

A simple shape

Or only exist in fantasy…

My personal favourites are the little saggar fired houses from Elukka in Finland. The mixture of smokey colours make them perfect little trinkets for any design. She was one of the first ceramic artists I discovered when I started out, and I’ve always admired the beautiful simplicity of her work. 

Using components like these in your designs allows you to tell a story through your design. It could be a day on the beach….

A love story...

Or simply to create a mood…

However you use them, they are a wonderfully versatile component that allows you to be individual and creative in your work.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great collection and OMG I love those earrings...hope you get your house back soon.

    1. Thanks! They're stunning aren't they? I love anything by Altered Alchemy!

  2. Altered Alchemy is really SO awesome! Great post!

  3. Beautuful post! Love anything that is a 'little house'!!

  4. Love this collection, Caroline, and I love houses as should have included some of your pretty ones!

  5. I enjoyed reading your article - thank you for including my birdhouse pendant / necklace :) I agree with the others, Altered Alchemy creates fabulous designs. I was lucky to take an online class, this past summer, from Luthien and she is a real treasure.

  6. Lovely selection of house beads and designs. I seem to collect them and then never use them....but I've never tried making any.

  7. Oh I love house beads! Great blog post Caroline :) Claire x


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