Friday, October 24, 2014

Hi, my name is Susan...

...and I have a problem!  A bead collecting problem!  Although I don't see it as a problem!  If you're reading this, you probably have the same problem!  I thought today I'd pop in and show you my personal collection of lampwork beads.  This is by no means all of them, but a great representation of amazing talent in glass beadmakers!

 The cardinal bead set is by UK artist Madeline Bunyan .  Cardinals are my favorite bird, so I had to have it!
 This pretty red bird is by Patty Cahill of North Carolina!  I have long admired her beads, and purchased this one at the Berks Bead Show!
 This gorgeous boro (borosilicate, a type of glass) bead was made by Kristan Child.  I purchased this in one of the facebook groups, don't remember which one!

 My collection of JC Herrell beads - I really love her style.  She constantly re-invents what she does in her beadwork and constantly strives to be better and different.  She's an inspiration!
 My one Bronwen Heilman bead - and I just noticed I photographed it upsidedown - see her signature? She does great work painting with enamels on beads.  And she's in a band!  And a generally cool person.
 These gourd beads are so awesome!  Made by Lezlie Belanger of Canterbury Keepsakes Lampwork, I purchased these on eBay.
 My little collection of Sarah Hornick beads - she's from Israel and makes beads in a very distinctive style!
 Cool beads by Sarah Moran of Z Beads - she makes very distinctive beads as well, and she's great with coldwork (carving the beads after they have been annealed).  The green bead has been coldworked, although it's hard to see in the photo.

 This bead is by Melanie Moertel of Germany - I LOVE her beads!

 Beads by Michael Mangiafico of Fig Studios - I have taken classes with him at the Pittsburgh Glass Center and actually took a class to make the ring you see above - but he's the master for sure!

 Gorgeous hollow beads by Andree Kosak of Andie's Glass - she makes the most amazing hollow beads!  Hollow beads are on my list of things to master!
And finally (for today!) a long glass focal by Trey Cornette - he not only makes great beads, he also makes paperweights and marbles with amazing detail!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of some of the glass in my collection.  I don't do anything with the beads except hold them and fondly gaze at them - I don't think I could do them justice by making something out of them.  Do you have beads that you hoard too?


  1. What an amazing slide show of gorgeous beads! I have some lovely beads by Patti Cahill ... and by you, of course! All of these are great, but the Trey Cornette bead really catches my eye!

  2. I sure do! I have more beads than time.

  3. Susan you are not alone in this! I also have a large collection of Lampworked beads, pearls etc, I love the beads you have shared, especially the sweet bird beads and the gorgeous Trey Cornette long focal bead and of course I love floral beads!

  4. Yes, I share your same "problem" and I just hoard so many beads because I never think I can do them justice. I love this kind of post because it's so fun to see what others are hoarding and be introduced to new-to-me artists. Thanks!

  5. You have given me a new obsession! Shame on you!!!! LOLOL

  6. Hi Sue, Thanx for sharing some of your gorgeous lampwork beads with us. Yes I think hoarding is part of all of us, especially beaders.

  7. I definitely have my dragon's hoard though I have hopes of getting good enough one day to do them honor. Thank you so much for showing us your hoard.

  8. Hmm, yes, I have the same problem.... Art bead addiction, expensive but oh so fun...That's a lovely collection you have there, Sue!.

  9. I am proud to say some of your beads are in my "hoard"!


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