Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Color Theory - Purple

I would like to do some posts about colors.  What they mean, favorite quotes and other fun stuff.  So they will be filled with lots and lots of pictures.  This week it is the color purple.

This is one of my favorite quotes about purple.  I heard it while watching the movie "Color Purple" and I believe it to be true.

This is my favorite explanation of what it means if purple is your favorite color.

I love wearing purple but it has to be the right color shade.
I do love working with purple components as well.

Here are some purple yummies from my friends.
This is so awesome I love keys of all shapes and sizes!!!!!!!
Couldn't you just swim in the color blend of these?
I totally need this one in my stash!!!!!!!!!
These next three are making me want to find a way to get along with wire!
And there is orange!!!
I love the darker dots on these.
Simply yes!

And this is my new favorite piece.  I came back from Beadfest totally inspired and with a tube of fantastic hex beads.

I love this pendant of Rebekah from Tree Wing Studio!  I fell in love.  I not only love the color I am a huge fan of Queen Anne's lace.  I knew I needed to work with it ASAP!

So is purple one of your favorite colors?  Do you have a favorite purple component or design you would like to share?  Would you like to see more color posts from me?



  1. Purple is very much in trend as Radiant orchid is the color of the year 2014. I have talked about purple being a major handmade jewelry trend in my post here do take a look

  2. I love purple and it is my favorite color. Yes I would like to see more post on color.. Everyone has such different takes. It is nice to get a varity! Thanks!

  3. I always enjoy reading colour and colour-combining posts -- not least when they're about my favourite colour. There's a lot of purple in new beads now, e.g. in Swarovski's latest launch for fall/winter 2015/16 (iridescent purple pearls and smoky mauve, which adds to their innovations for this autumn/winter which were blackberry pearl and crystal lilac shadow). Love it!

    One great thing about purple is the many yummy nuances, from deep warm aubergine to light, cool lilacs and from blueish indigo to rosy heather. I try to collect as many as possible in my pinterest board: (which of cause include Queen Anne's lace pendants from Tree Wing Studio)

  4. I love me some purple, has always been one of my favorite colors!! Love all the quotes!! :)

  5. I never met a purple I didn't like! Love to read about the different attributes folks have assigned to this regal colour :)

  6. Your post is wonderful! It makes me appreciate purple even more! Your new necklace is gorgeous!

  7. I love purple and it's a great seller for me! Here are some of my purple enameled beads:
    And in fused glass:


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