Saturday, August 9, 2014 in progress!

A couple of weeks ago I participated in our Component of the Month Challenge here at featured gorgeous fused glass pieces by Francesca Watson.

I finished my focal, but didn't have anything to hang it on, so went looking for chain-spiration!  I knew I wanted to create something from scratch, but wasn't sure where I wanted to start. Wait, right here at AJE!

Keirsten Giles created gorgeous copper chain and shows us how here!

Fun byzantine links by Diana Ptazynski!

Chain from Francesca' s COM creation!

Francesca did a gorgeous chain using Cindy Wimmer's amazing book The Missing Link...I fell in love with how the chain really completed her design, and thought.."hey I have Cindy's book, I wonder what I can come up with!  After perusing the wonderful options, I chose this one...Little Orbits.

Here's how I started...

...and here is where I am now...obviously not finished!  Need to patina, tumble and most importantly, create a clasp.

As you can see, I wrapped my 'orbit rings' with twisted wire with the ends torched into a ball.  I think it really complements the holes and dots in the pendant.  Will show you a photo once the whole piece is complete!

Thanks for stopping by! Go create something!

Melissa Meman
Melismatic Art Jewelry
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  1. I love the chain you are making! I love the inspirations too especial the first one. What a cool focal! Looking forward to the finished necklace!

  2. That is a beautiful creation, Melissa! I think I need to buy that book! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love this. I loved the bezel alone, but it's just getting better. I love those Little Orbit links. Of course I say that about every link the the book. And also all the AJE chains you've highlighted in this post!

  4. That is drop-dead gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished piece!

  5. I can hardly wait to see the finished necklace. It is going to be gorgeous.

  6. Gorgeous work! I can't wait to see finished piece.

  7. Chains are so time consuming but always so worth it!! I love where you're going with this Melissa!!

  8. I love it - hand-made chain just makes a design special, I think. Can't wait to see it finished!


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