Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stop Waiting for Perfection

Just start. Whatever "it" is. Stop waiting for perfection. The perfect time, the perfect skills, the perfect conditions, the perfect studio space, the perfect idea. Perfection kills creativity and productivity.

Just start doing it. Right now. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Not in one hour.  

This morning's kiln harvest. Lots of flowers. Not too shabby for having to take lots of breaks. #lampwork #headpins #glassaddictions #beadfestphilly

Take at least one step towards whatever that thing you want to try or that goal you want to achieve. Once you take one step, each successive step gets easier. And you have momentum on your side. 

Want to open an etsy shop? Go. Now. Here's the link: Open an Etsy Shop It doesn't have to be perfectly polished from the moment you first open. It's a process.  

What I managed during first torch session post broken arm. I have to work much slower and pay more attention to body mechanics, but I did it!!! I broke it 3 weeks ago today and had surgery two days later. #physicaltherapy #glassaddictions #lampwork #headp

Want to learn how to do make glass beads with a torch (lampworking)? Do a Google search for beginning lampwork classes in your area. Call and sign up. Today. There's a woman who visits my booth at a show I do every year. Every year she tells me how much she wants to learn how to do make glass beads. Every year I gave her the name of a studio and teacher for her city that I'm friends with. She has yet to take a class. I think this is really sad. 

A couple of the focals from yesterday's torch session. #glassaddictions #lampwork #thisartistslife #beadfestphilly

Want to knit? Get some yarn and knitting needles and get on you tube. 

Waiting for inspiration to kick in? Stop waiting and kick inspiration into gear by working at your craft, whatever it may be. Because inspiration mostly happens in the thick of creating. 

And when you get burned out? Try a different medium to reinvigorate your mind and body. 

Go now, get to work, and have a creative week!

-Jen Cameron
Glass Addictions


  1. thank you, for the kick in the pants I needed, and the link to Etsy.

    Love your bouquet of glass head pins

  2. Thanks for this blog entry!! I think I'm going to print it out and put it some place I look at every day...

  3. Thanx for the great post. I admit that I am a procrastinator about trying new things so you post is perfect for me. Your beads are so beautiful . I always enjoy seeing your work.

  4. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear today! I've become very good at making excuses for myself, ugh! Thank you Jen!

  5. Wise words - very wise words that you'll never regret.

  6. Thank you so much!!! I have tears
    In my eyes!!!

  7. Great advice! I would rather regret the things I have done than the things I haven't!

  8. You're absolutely right!.... Practice makes perfect...but gotta start somewhere! Ready, set, GO! :)

  9. Great advice! Whenever I think about some technique I want to pursue, but haven't yet, in most cases there's no good reason I haven't. Just scared. Afraid of both success and failure.

  10. Dearest Jennifer, you had me hook line and sinker about every single bit of your premise, EXCEPT "Perfection kills creativity and productivity." I vehemently disagree with that statement as it stands. Pursuing perfection isn't the problem - the problem is believing that perfection is an end result instead of a process, and that anything less is utterly unworthy. If you said that *waiting* on perfection kills creativity and productivity, I would agree with every single concept and statement you have presented.
    The pursuit of perfection has been the most staunch ally I could ever have asked for during my learning phases. Without it, I would not have achieved the level of expertise I currently enjoy.
    The reason I felt compelled to comment is that many people believe striving for perfection is the same as being a perfectionist - and therefore to be avoided like the plague. They aren't really the same - a perfectionist falls into the traps you have mentioned. They don't get much done.
    A person who is continually in pursuit of perfection can't stop making things - because the drive towards perfection is continually bringing them new grist for the creative mill along with greater skill.
    I would posit the opposite: rejecting the attempt at perfection across the board is what kills creativity - because there is no reason to get creative without acknowledging that it exists.
    But really, I'm good with 'Waiting on perfection kills creativity and productivity.'
    Great discussion!!!!

  11. Life is short and perfection is unattainable. Pursue excellence, and understand that skill takes practice, and be willing to invest the time to become skilled. Allow time for play and don't go into your day thinking that everything you create has to be "sell worthy" - the rejects are often our best learning experiences.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants, Jen. Love you.

  12. Oh my gosh you are talking to me! I have been wanting to open an etsy shop and learn how to do more than just stringing. I am one of those people who dip their toes in the water and quickly take them right back out. I have yet to master photography and think it must be perfect before I open the etsy shop. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  13. thank you so so so much for this post!


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