Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jewelry, Bead Fest and Sneak Peek!

As you're aware, many of us here at AJE are deep in Bead Fest prep!  Part of that prep is to create jewelry samples.  This way, customers can get ideas of what they might do with a particular bead or set of beads. And someone might just buy it as well!

Even though my journey started out making jewelry before I started making beads, I am very bad at actually creating jewelry anymore, especially for shows.  This time it's going to be different!  And, you're going to get a sneak peek at some of my new bead designs!

These round beads are going to be a necklace, just for me (but you might be able to convince me to sell it) to show you what you can do with this new bead design!  There are 34 beads right here, I may need more, and they will be separated by sterling saucer beads.  I still haven't decided what to string them with yet, right now they are on 1mm cotton braided cord, which I really like.

 This new heart focal (hand formed - I'm so proud!!!) is going to be a necklace as well.  It will be pendant style with wire-wrapped, rosary style units, just don't know what beads it will be paired with.
 These free-formed small focal sized beads will be a bracelet!  Probably strung on beading wire, again with some pretty coordinating gemstones.
 Earrings are always easiest for me, and these beaded bead earrings happen to be one of my favorite designs ever!  These will be hard to let go.  I love the color combination of seed beads, and really love the bronze filigree drops.
 And finally, you'll be able to find these morrocan style earrings at my booth as well, made with disc beads in a gorgeous shade of orange and those amazing filigree drops.
I hope you enjoyed the little preview of some beads and jewelry you will find in my booth at Bead Fest (SueBeads Booth #463) and I hope to see you there!  Please introduce yourself!

Susan Kennedy
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  1. Gorgeous new beads, Sue, and the earrings are lovely, pity I'm in australia as I'd love to visit your booth at bead fest and meet for a chat about the new beads. All the best with the show!. Vicki

  2. Oh, the pain!!!!! Of not going to BeadFest to see all this beauty up close and personal! Seriously, those are some gorgeous new shapes, and I am totally in love with the bracelet ones. Earrings are such a challenge for me, I so love all of these. I can see why you're in love with those cute filigree drops, they really set off your beads so well.

  3. Hi Sue, Your beads are beautiful. The pendant would look great with the first set of beads.

  4. Best of luck at the show! I was all set to go to BF, but had to cancel due to work commitment at the last minute. I'm so sad, but wishing everyone a great show and happiest beading! Looking forward to BF Spring 2015 :)

  5. Beautiful! I especially like the blue beads in the third photo, though I love them all.

  6. Gorgeous beads, as always Sue! I'm really loving your new hand formed beads. I hope you'll do a finished jewelry post for all of us who will be missing the show. :-) Best of luck!


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