Saturday, July 19, 2014

The End Zone

Recently, I ventured into the land of viking knit.  It was fun and I enjoyed watching my piece grow longer and longer, then be compressed into a pretty chain after pulling it through the draw plate.  The one thing that sort of stumped me was how to finish the ends.  Hmm.

There are a lot of mass-produced end caps for just this sort of thing, but you know me...why use something so mundane when you can create something special for your design!

I looked around for handcrafted end caps and tried a few that I found...

You know I love is a simple and pretty way to end your piece with wire from our own Sue Kennedy...

I also love working with sheet metal.  Keirsten Giles rocks the sheet metal end components and cones!  Have you checked out the last tutorial she shared? So pretty and versatile...these can be used so many different ways!  Take a few moments to drool over this necklace she created using her hand-fabricated metal ends for our Component of the Month for June.  Amazing!

In the end, for my 1st ever viking knit, I chose to do metal sheet...they are much plainer than Keirsten's and turned out a bit big, but I like the effect and will play with that concept more in future work!

The next bracelet (created for our Component of the Month challenge for April), I decided to enamel some small brass caps I had  that fit perfectly over the ends...

For my next bracelet...yet to be created/design still in my head, I want to use these!  Just created them from copper metal clay.  They were pretty difficult to can see they are a bit wonky!  I will definitely work on some more!

What do you like to finish your viking knit with?  Would love some more ideas!

Originally my post idea was just going to cover cones.  When I asked my team mates to show me their cones, of course, Madonna and the Coneheads sprang to mind!  I decided to change the focus!

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  1. Love the metal cones that you have used with the viking knit. I do use cones and when I get bored of them I used 2 types of beads - a wide holed barrel followed by a round or oval to finish the ends. I follow it up with looped beads to make it look like a natural progression

  2. I like your cones much better than Madonna's.

  3. I've been playing with Kumihimo lately and I think I'd probably use similar caps for them. Might need to start making some of my caps again. Thanks for the info!!

  4. I adore those cones! If you want to try a big experiment, how about some beaded end caps? Cause, ya know, seed bead girl here. :)


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