Monday, June 30, 2014

Love is...

On Friday our family took a day trip to the 1000 Islands.  If you do not know of it here is a little description for you....

The Thousand Islands constitute an archipelago of 1,864 islands that straddles the Canada-U.S. border in the Saint Lawrence River as it emerges from the northeast corner of Lake Ontario. They stretch for about 50 miles (80 km) downstream from Kingston, Ontario. The Canadian islands are in the province of Ontario, the U.S. islands in the state of New York.
The 1,864 islands range in size from over 40 square miles (100 km2) to smaller islands occupied by a single residence, or uninhabited outcroppings of rocks that are only home to migratory waterfowl. To count as one of the Thousand Islands these minimum criteria had to be met: 1) Above water level year round; 2) Have an area greater than 1 square foot (0.093 m2); and 3) Support at least one living tree.
It has been so many years since we were up there and so many things have changed.  We launched our boat and instantly I was in heaven.  Here you can see ginormous ships weave their way through the islands to enter the locks up the St Lawrence River on their way to and from the ocean.
One of my favorite destinations is Heart Island.  This is where Boldt Castle was built.  I do encourage you to check out the history of the castle it is both about true love and sadness but it is well worth the journey.  This is Heart Island.

One of my favorite facts is that George Boldt loved his wife and to express that he put hearts every in the castle.  From shaped gardens to the moldings.  So inspires the rest of my eye candy post.....  Hearts.
Gorgeous Cab by Suburban Girl Beads
Sweet pendant by Linda Landig Jewelry
Gorgeous Raku tile by OddDesigns
Stunning Toggle Clasp by TheaElements
I am a sucker for love stories and hearts.  How bout you?



  1. I love the fact that the island only has to be one foot square to qualify. I am surprised that a space that small would support a tree.

    Great designs. I have been in love with the one from Linda since I saw it.

  2. Thanks Shaiha! I never knew about this area. Is Thousand Island salad dressing named after this area? It looks beautiful! Thank you for including my pendant!


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