Sunday, January 26, 2014

Table Cloth Texture and more!

It's been awhile since I've done a texture post and I have some fun new textures to share!

My recent surprise find was discovered when I went looking for a vinyl table cloth to put over our dining room table that I've recently oozed out on to.
 (You all know what I'm talking about right? When you just bring a few things to work on out of the studio, just temporarily and they never make it back in to the studio! I refer to that as oozing!)
 I'm using good sized teflon work surfaces but I felt better covering the whole table as well so there was no way I could ruin it. I found what I was looking for and I also found this awesome Lace looking vinyl cloth that I snatched up in a flash.

As you can see it's quite pretty with lots of leaves and swirly shapes and when I opened it up I was in heaven!! I couldn't wait to start rolling clay on to it.
I started to cut pieces out and found for a vinyl tablecloth it was very fragile.
It started ripping all over so I tried backing it with clear self adhesive backing.
I found that wasn't sticky enough so I tried packing tape which so far is much better.
I may end up changing to duct tape.

Here are some of my favorites!

I think this one might be my absolute favorite, It reminds me of a Goddess!
Love the shape and the texture is so fine and intricate.
Wagon Wheels

These I call Wagon Wheels, can never have too many Discs!


You also can't have too many Leaves!!
Since the table cloth itself is pretty fragile I've started to make 2 part molds of them as well.
It gives them a slightly different look that I really like and they will last forever so I can put away the table cloth pieces to protect them.

There are lots more textures from the Table cloth but I've played with
 scratch foam. <--- link to original scratch foam post!
Here are a couple of the newest textures I've made.


Adore these little hearts. I poked a needle tool all the way through and it gives a very distinct look.
A much clearer dot than if you just use a stylus on the surface.
I'm going to use this technique more in the future.

Here are some little fishies, simple but cute!

This last one is a very random texture I created with 2 part mold and some sticks.

Striped Oak Leaves

I like the little stripes that resulted in this.

I know I'm going to be asked what kind of 2 part mold I use, I've been using the Amazing Mold Putty for years and I love it. I always love the results.

The Scratch Foam comes from
I'm sure there are other sources as well but that's where I got mine.

Some of these components are already listed in my Etsy shop and I hope to have more of them listed soon.

I hope you've enjoyed my texture tour, I'd love to know what you think!



  1. Wow, love the idea of using the vinyl with clay for some neat textures.
    Think I have been oozing for years. LOL Everything just seems to work better at the table, maybe because I tend to clean up better so we can still eat. Ha

  2. I just love how you find different textures everywhere! I never would have thought of using a table cloth and yet I just love the designs you got from it.

    1. I hadn't thought of it either to be honest but as soon as I saw it bells and whistles went off in my head and I'm so glad I found it!

  3. What a great idea! I do love that table cloth. I am thinking of using lace or maybe burlap to press into some soft spackle spread on a square of fiberboard--to eventually be faux painted and used as a photo background. I need to take a day off from work just do all my photo background ideas! Scratch foam would be a great idea to put my own stuff on there! I love those dotted hearts too, the dots are so crisp!

    1. I think lace or burlap either one would be great for faux painting. If you do it I'd love to see the result!

  4. Great idea with that table cloth! I think I would make a two part mold of it so that you can use it over again, and it would be the reverse! I use scratch foam all the time and it is a great for getting some scratch doodles out and testing new looks. I just wish that it held up better, as some of my favorites were no good after a few impressions. These are wonderful! Love the lacy bits. Enjoy the day. Erin

    1. Believe me I'll mold a good portion of it!! Thankfully it's big and there are alot of the patterns I love repeated over and over. BUT if I see another one I might buy it as a back up.

      I've had quite good luck with my scratch foam holding up well. I do sometimes have to run the stylus through some of the lines again but for the most part I've used mine dozens of times and they are still working fine.

  5. What gorgeous textures! I love how you find interesting textures in the most interesting places.

  6. How your creative mind works and brings all those textures together amazes me!!! I love where they all come from.

  7. Wow Kristi! That is SO cool! I *never would have guessed how you did the textures. I love it! Great beads!


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