Friday, January 31, 2014

January Component of the Month reveal!

January my friend, you have flown by... while so many of us shoveled and snuggled amidst the snow and ice. Personally - I hibernated, and am feeling more awake and inspired lately than I have for weeks. And I am very excited to see what my friends, colleagues, and our blog guests have created this month! 
Polymer - mold taken from antique buckle. Hand painted, added patina and gilding. Vintage text under resin. 

Here they were - all lined up and sun kissed and glistening. You would think I would have taken a better picture before they were dispatched. But no - so I leave you to see the words chosen, and designs created... 

Thanks to one and all for helping me debut these mixed media pieces that are so very "me". I know they are in good hands. 

Hope of Craftyhope -
Sarajo of SJ Designs Jewelry

AJE team
Jennifer Cameron
Diana Ptaszynski
Lesley Watt
Susan Kennedy
Caroline Dewison
Linda Landig
Melissa Meman
Keirsten Giles
Rebekah Payne
Kristen Stevens
me ( Jenny)

*** This just in - winners for February!  Congrats go to: 

KimmyKats, Lori Bowring Michaud, and Kathy Lindemer

Enjoy the blog hop!
Until next time...



  1. Very creative! I love the color combination.

  2. It's so much fun to see all the gorgeous pieces you made, Jenny! They are all so lovely and have such a richness to the colors. Thanks again for the opportunity to play along this month... such fun!

  3. I will be hopping and commenting later today - but I had to sneak a peak this morning. I love what I see!!!

  4. Wow everybody really did you proud Jenny!! I'm so sad I didn't get mine finished, even more so now that I see how beautiful all the creations were.

  5. Amazing creations by everyone - how could they not be with such beautiful fames to work with?!


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