Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Dancing!

I have to tell you as a seed beader I am totally happy dancing!  There are some exciting new beads that have either hit the market or are hitting the market in the past year.

You have seen me use gumdrops, spikes and studs like these......

But now there are even smaller and sweeter 8mm Studs like these....
You know I love my twins and superduos.....

Now thanks to Starman Inc. and Nicole Starman there are two hole lentils, squares, bricks, daggers and now triangles!!!  Yes I said triangles!  I have been eagerly anticipating and they are finally coming out in February!!

I think I have a bit of addiction to these two hole beauties!!!  They are an amazing addition to seedbeading to add texture and fun.  Now lets just hope for a big lottery win because you know I want them all!!!!!

What is exciting you in beading?


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