Thursday, December 12, 2013

All I Want For Christmas....

Is to have both feet planted at least partially on the ground...!

As some of you may know, 5 weeks ago I slipped and fell down three stairs and broke my left ankle which resulted in a stay in hospital to have a metal plate put in. Since then I've been pretty much confined to barracks learning how to move with the aid of crutches and a walking frame.

Since I work with my hands I didn't think this would have much impact and can remember lying in hospital thinking 'oh well...nothing to stop me sitting and making beads...Boy did I get a surprise! I've never had surgery before and was totally unprepared for just how low I would feel for the first 10 days or so...the least little effort exhausted me and I spent most of the time asleep on the sofa. This is of course exactly what I should have been doing while my body mended itself but it's not me and I'm not a good patient. I did think I could use this time to do lots of sketching and designing and I did do a little, but in this house it seems that even if the spirit is willing, if the body is weak the muse takes her leave for an early festive break - fickle creature!

Once I could stay awake I found myself plagued with aches and pains - not from the ankle, that was fine...but from all the other muscles and joints that were taking the strain off the useless leg and being stretched and twisted in awkward ways. I did manage to sit and glaze some beads for a few hours last week but it was not comfortable having to have my leg raised (a plaster cast that feels like it is about to explode is not a pleasant sensation) and sit awkwardly.

However, all is not doom and gloom since I managed to balance on one foot long enough to get the beads (my first batch of stoneware) into the new kiln for it's first glaze firing and I was pretty pleased with the result...

Now I've got these under my belt I am feeling much more inspired and am definitely developing ideas for the new year. That little bit of inspiration has also got me more in the mood for Christmas and has enabled me to put together a little wish list which happily also doubles up for my birthday next month.

I'm not usually one for using vouchers as gifts but they are actually topping my list this year as long as they come from one of my favourite pottery suppliers.

I can think of nothing better in the dreary days of January than browsing through all manner of muddy delights especially if it feeds my current addiction for glazes and adds some colour to the winter months...can't you just see these as beads...

Books always figure high on any gift list of mine too and this year is no exception with, surprise surprise a couple on ceramic techniques...

Although I don't have room to do large scale clay work at home I am seriously considering taking a course next year to learn some wider skills and techniques and these books will help inform me for that...the bug has really bitten me on this one!

Another little book I covet is this one by Wanaree Tanner - leading light of the metal clay world who I could not hope to emulate but her designs I could drool over forever...

This 'Aegean Cuff' tutorial by Stacy Perry of Hodgepodgerie has also found it's way onto my list as I've being eyeing it up forever. Stacy was one of the first jewellery makers I came across when I started and she makes the most fabulous metal worked jewellery. The tutorial includes options for different finishes and it looks like it would be great fun to make and wear...are you listening Santa...

So if any of these show up under my tree I will be more than happy and the only other thing I would ask for is a fit, healthy and productive year ahead.

So what's at the top of your art jewellery wish list this holiday season...I think it's only fair you share just in case the rest of us have missed anything...!


The Gossiping Goddess


  1. Oh dear, I hope you get back on your feet soon!
    I know exactly what you mean. I had foot surgery twice (one foot then the other) a few years ago and assumed wrongly that I would be able to spend six weeks each time creating lovely jewellery. I soon learned that apart from being exhausted from trying to get about on crutches, it was impossible to do anything much as I was supposed to sit with my foot up most of the time!
    It was a thoroughly miserable time but luckily it didn't last forever!
    Good luck with the ankle and I hope you will soon be back up to speed!

  2. *hug*
    Hope youl'll getting better day by day.
    I have no much list...just 1 about beads history by Lois Sherr Dubin =)

    1. I have that book - it's gorgeous!! great choice.

  3. Hi Lesley,
    It must be a real bugger bear to only be able to hobble around on one foot. at least with bead weaving I can have a tray on my lap kicked back in the recliner. Your wish list looks wonderful I hope Santa is paying attention. I want a fully operational shop where I can work on metal, stone, and glass, but I will settle for just a few tools of the trade under the tree.

  4. Hope you get some nice goodies Therese.

  5. So glad to hear you have gotten some energy back, and have found a work-around to make some beads! They look fabulous, I'm especially admiring that big brown pod bead. I am in awe of Wanaree too, and I love that cuff--very authentic looking, LOVE the blue patina...Hope you are free of your plaster ball and chain soon!

  6. I sure hope Santa is listening! I think I am going to have to put a word in his ear for that Aegean cuff bracelet! That is awesome!

  7. Glad your muse has at least made a cameo visit this last week. I have asked Santa for a year's membership for the Tacoma Museum of Glass and a book on soldering. I hope he has heard me, because I've been a good girl...well, more or less!

  8. Gosh Lesley - I love your ceramic beads - so pretty, you did really well to make these with a broken ankle!
    I too broke my ankle just as you did slipping down the stairs 18 months ago,for the first few weeks it totally wiped me out and I felt exhausted. It was a lot easier after the cast came off and they put me into a Moon boot :-) I now have a healthy respect for stairs, and NEVER rush going up or down them. Wishing you a speedy recovery and may a Moon boot be gifted too you soon ( ask for spare socks when they fit it) ;-)

  9. uh oh - once that bug has bitten there is no turning back. It's fabulous to see your ceramic work unfolding. I love to collect glazes and glaze recipes. I can't wait to hear what classes you are considering in the coming year and what fruits they may bear! ;)


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