Saturday, June 22, 2013

Make Your Own ~ Wire-wrapped Suede Tassel Bracelet

Hey everyone! It's time for another tutorial! But instead of my usual polymer clay beadmaking tutorials, I'm going to share a bracelet how-to. This design all started with my May CoM bracelet. It was such a fun bracelet to make and I got some questions on how I'd made it, so for today's post I made a second bracelet and photographed all the steps to share the process with you. I hope you enjoy!

Here's the bracelet you're going to make…

Supplies you'll need:
- 20 gauge wire
- 22 gauge wire
- 24 gauge wire
- 3mm micro suede
- SoftFlex beading wire
- crimps
- crimp cover
- clasp
- headpin
- focal bead or an assortment of beads to stack for your focal
- 4 8mm-10mm coordinating beads (for the centerpiece)
- an assortment of coordinating small beads (for the bracelet strap)

Tools you'll need:
- wire cutters
- round-nose pliers
- flat-nose pliers
- bent-nose pliers
- crimping pliers
- scissors
- permanent marker
- measuring tape

First, string your focal beads onto a headpin and wrap tightly. I used four beads to make a stacked focal bead, but you can use whatever you'd like.

Next we're going to make the wire-wrapped center piece…
1. First, form your base for the centerpiece——take a length of 20 gauge wire about 3 inches longer than the length across the top of your wrist. Make a double loop and wrap the tail end of the wire twice.
2. String your 8mm - 10mm coordinating beads and your focal onto the wire, and then loop and wrap the other end. You want these loops to come just past the sides of your wrist.
3. Cut a 36 inch length of 22 gauge wire and wrap it over your 20 gauge wrapping that you just made.
4. Continue wrapping with the 22 gauge wire, passing over the top of the first bead, then wrap twice between the beads, and then over the top of the second bead.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 on the other side. Mark the center of the base wire with a permanent marker.
6. Continue wrapping both sides of the 22 gauge wire towards the mark you made to center the focal.
7. Wrap both wires around the base of the focal——this will tighten it so it won't wobble.
8. With the same wires, wrap around the base wire again.

9. Continue wrapping all the way to the loop of the base wire at the end.
10. And then with the same wire, wrap back to the center. Do the same on the other side.
11. Wrap around the focal again, crossing over the base wire.
12. Trim the wire ends and straighten the centerpiece, making sure the two loops on the end are straight.

There are really no rules to these steps (9-12). Your goal is just to make sure the focal is tight and that you like the wrapping over and around your beads. Play around until you are happy with the results.

Now we're going to move onto making the back of your bracelet…
13. Curve the centerpiece to fit your wrist.
14. Thread the micro suede onto one loop, double over, and fit to your wrist. Keep in mind that you don't want the finished bracelet to be able to turn on your wrist, so make it a little snug. Be sure to take into account the length of your clasp.
15. Cut two lengths of suede about 3 inches longer than the length needed to fit your wrist. This extra length will be for the clasp connector and the tassel. Thread the suede through the loop on the right side of your centerpiece.
16. Cut a length of SoftFlex beading wire and thread it though the loop also, placing it inside the suede.

17. Next, thread a seed bead or crimp onto both strands of the SoftFlex wire to hold it in place for the next step.
18. Fold the micro suede over the SoftFlex and using a length of 22 gauge wire, wrap around the suede and SoftFlex to hold them together. If your seed bead or crimp is not hidden you can remove it.
19. String your small coordinating beads on one strand of the SoftFlex.
20. String the second strand. Crimp and cover.

21. If you want, you can leave your bead strands and suede lying side by side, or you can weave them together. I wove mine together, but didn't follow any pattern——I just played around until I found an arrangement that I liked.
22. Cut a length of 22 gauge wire and thread it through the crimped loop at the end of your beaded strands, passing it between the suede strands——when gathered together, the crimp will be covered.
23. Wrap around the suede strands and beaded strands, keeping the crimp end in the center. Slide the clasp into the two inside suede strands. (I added some wirewrapping to the clasp to make it a bit fancier.)
24. Hold the clasp in place by making another wirewrapping in 22 gauge wire on the left side of the clasp.

25.  Trim the suede ends even and using 24 gauge wire, make a small wrap at each end.

And you're finished! Enjoy wearing your new bracelet!

Be sure to share a link of your finished bracelet in the comments below… we'd love to see it!


  1. That's one beautiful bracelet, beautiful and very funky!! I love it!

  2. Oh what a great bracelet! I have everything I need to make it this weekend. Going to make it for my 94 yrs young Mom.. She will love the leather. Thanks for the Tut!!

  3. I LOVE this and so want to make it. Thanks for the great step-by-step!

  4. This is so cool, Rebekah!!! I was to make one soon!

  5. Cool bracelet! I hope I can find time to make it. Your directions are wonderful.

  6. Gorgeous bracelet! I love all of textures and elements put together! The tutorial is very easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What an amazing tutorial and if it weren't for all that wire I would so get started right now but you would totally find me dribblin in the corner using wire.

  8. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Fantastic bracelet! Thanks for tutorial - off to make it right now!


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