Thursday, June 20, 2013

Colour Me Creative...

Remember the new studio I was planning a few months ago...? Well the builders have been here for the best part of three weeks and I'm delighted to say that within the next few days all the work should be finished and I will be able to take up residence, not to mention cook a meal since I've also been without a kitchen for ten days.

It's been really interesting to watch the transformation take place...sometimes seeming like nothing much is happening and sometimes a whole flurry of activity at once (you can follow some of the developments over on my blog if you'd like to). The bit that got me most excited though was the simple act of putting some paint on the walls because suddenly it sprang to life and I could see my vision really start to take shape.

And this is the colour I picked...It's called "Tadpole' but it's not like any tadpole I ever caught - maybe it's a Disney frog prince tadpole!

Green is my favourite colour - I know this because of the 72 items in my jewellery shop at the moment 31 of them are predominantly green but, when it comes to painting walls I tend to go neutral and accent with colour in soft furnishings and the like. For this creative space  however, I decided that a bolder statement was needed and although I pretty much knew that green would be it, it still took forever picking a shade. Happily I love it and it makes me smile every time I walk in the room even though at the moment it's an empty space.

And then a curious thing happened...I was killing some time online looking for I don't know what when I stumbled across an article from 2012 about the effect of the colour green. It appears that because of its prevalence in nature we associate green with growth and development and thinking about those things has been shown to spur our desire for self-improvement and mastering tasks. During a study in Germany, people were asked to complete a short creativity test online which included different coloured log in screens and when this screen was green participants scored 20% higher ( full article here). It appears that looking at something green even if only for a very short time boosts creativity.

Well needless to say I'm rather pleased about this - I'll take anything (legal) that can increase my creativity and if looking at it briefly can do that just imagine was being surrounded by it could do!

Did I mention green was my favourite colour...well of course I had to take myself off on a little journey of green discovery too and so I've put together an Etsy treasury (just click on the picture) featuring some gorgeous art bead greenness for your delectation which I hope you enjoy but,  if that doesn't inspire you maybe a trip to the nearest paint store will help...!

The Gossiping Goddess 


  1. Great article Lesley and a lovely surprise when I saw one of my beads featured in your treasury. Thankyou x

  2. That studio is looking good! I'm rather jealous. Thanks again for featuring my owl.

  3. Oh, I'm so excited to see the studio nearing completion! Love the green. My bedroom is painted in a soft, sage green, and I feel good every day walking in there, and it's been that color for 5 years.
    Awesome treasury too!

  4. To think I've been trying to wean myself off green! Don't have to, now... Happy creating in your new studio--looks like you're off to a good start.

  5. I didn't know that about the psychological effects of green - how wonderful! I love that shade you picked for your studio. I picked a similar shade for my parents' old guest bathroom. It was such a bright and cheery bathroom. I can't wait to see how many more green things you create now ;) And thanks for including my necklace in your treasury :)

  6. That's a gorgeous colour! Can't wait to see it as a finished workshop :) and thanks for including me in your beautiful treasury!

  7. Love the shade you chose Lesley! I can't wait to see your finished studio and all the creativity that comes out of it. Thank you so much for including my little sleepy turtle in your treasury!

  8. Lesley, I must admit I have been horrible at following blogs. I got into my blog roll in what must have been ages and had to stop by this post because of the pic of the different shades of green. Lime green is my ABSOLUTE Favorite color! I dream of the day that I have my own home to paint in whatever colors tickle my fancy. I am so excited for your new lime green creative space! Can't wait to see it finished. xo Genea

  9. I am loving your happy green studio!!!!


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