Sunday, June 2, 2013

Online Tutorials

While Karen is trying to quickly unpack from her move to New York this week (remember the amazing property and studio space she showed us back in April? She's there RIGHT NOW!!!), I offered to fill in her regularly scheduled day. Except I don't have much with my fried brain and it's been a physically exhausting week.

However, on Friday, I spent a couple hours updating our "Free Tutorials and Favorite Posts" page (link is at the top of the blog), which are always free and accessible 24 hours a day. That got me thinking about tutorials. Specifically tutorials I've purchased over the years.

I asked the team if they have ever bought any tutorials. Lesley said the only tutorial she's ever bought is the Tribal Gypsy Bangle Stack  by fancifuldevices on Etsy. She says it "appeals to the wild woman in me and it's so easy to tailor to your own taste." Lesley often uses art beads for her bangles even though it doesn't call for them. She also said that she has never listed one because her friends snap them up before she's able to.

On the wishlist of a couple teammates is "Color Drenched Metal" by Shannon Levart. Karen has it and says she has uses the patinas and techniques quite a bit. 

I personally love technique driven tutorials. However, I have purchased tutorials that are project based simply so I can learn the technique. The most recent tutorial I bought called "From My Studio to Yours" by Dawn Scannell and is filled with notes on how she coaxes the amazing colors she gets from the premium (and often fussy) silver glass. I have read through it and am dying to get time to torch and try out the helpful tricks she's discovered. 

Share some of your favorite tutorials in the comments below. I always love to learn new things. 

-Jen Cameron

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