Monday, May 27, 2013

Tutorial: Fun with UV Resin

I have very little patience (ironic for someone who works with clay, I know) and while I love resin I don't like waiting for it to cure. UV resin is the solution! If you work regularly with resin though, this may not be economical. If you are like me and enjoy busting out the resin from time to time, this stuff is perfect!

Today I'll show you how to set a fossil inside of an open-backed ceramic pendant.

You'll need a few things first:
  • UV lamp (You can use sunlight but we are trying to be as quick as possible here.) 
  • Open-backed ceramic pendant or another open-backed bezel/pendant of choice. 
  • UV resin (I prefer Magic Glos
  • A fossil or something to add to the center of your pendant. 
  • A small piece of scrap wire 
  • Clear packing tape 
  • Paper towels 
  • Goo Gone (available at Target)

Add a piece of packing tape to the back of your pendant.

Open your UV resin and apply a small amount to a paper towel first, to help remove air bubbles.  Then add a layer of resin to your pendant.  Place the pendant under the UV light for 15 minutes.

Remove the pendant and apply another layer of resin.  Drop the fossil into the center and use your scrap wire to help move it into position.

Place the pendant under the UV lamp for another 15 minutes.

Remove the pendant from the lamp and peel away the tape.  Use some Goo Gone to wipe away the tape residue on the back of the piece.  Then gently rinse with water.  Pat dry.

Now you can incorporate your new pendant into an awesome piece of jewelry!

Happy Beading!

Diana P.


  1. That looks easy! And beautiful results too.

  2. Wow - how fun is that...something else I'm going to have to add to my to do list. Thanks for sharing Diana.

  3. I already ordered some days ago some uv resin... (patience is also not one of my biggest strengths...) You just added another idea on my growing list, thanks for that! I really like the free-flowing effect! :)

  4. I love this tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love this idea! I have only been using Ice Resin...will have to try the UV!


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