Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunny Day Ahead

I have been feeling very "blah" and uninspired this week. Part of it is post show blah, part is doing taxes, and part is the spring storms and dark gray skies we've been having. So I walked through my studio hoping to spark some kind of brilliant blog post idea, but I've got nothing. That's when I decided to shop my teammates shops for inspiration.

When I came across Karen Totten's  "Sun Celebration Talisman," I had my idea...because I need some sun right about now. 

While these links by Diana P are technically daisies, the sunny yellow color and radiating petals totally remind me of the sun

Kristi Bowman's copper ammonite rectangles look very much like rays of light from the sun. 

This sun by Jenny Davies-Reazor is just all kinds of mood brightening on these gray rainy days

Rebekah's little gecko has soaked up the color and heat of the sun. 

And where better to enjoy the sun than a beach house? Lesley makes the most darling beach houses

And that beach house needs a beach like the one by Sue.

Have a bright sunny day and pretend you're on vacation at the beach.

-Jen Cameron


  1. Yea sunshine!!!! These pieces are sure to cheer up anyone's gloomy day!

  2. It is finally warming up a little in the south of the heating on today and even have the patio door open and some fresh air drifting in. Now if it can brighten up a bit I might be inspired to dig out some sunny beads and get creative!

  3. Thanks for bringing some color to my life! I have been in the doldrums for weeks now. I have never had it this bad. I can't get out of my funk. But playing with your lovely headpin for the AJE challenge this month was a sure mood breaker. Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. What wonderful beads! They sure brought a bit of color into this dismal day.

  5. An amazing collection of beads that I love.

  6. What a breath of fresh air! Where is my sunscreen?

  7. Great post! I'm sure you've brightened many people's day. Cheers from the Sunshine State!


  8. It is snowing here this morning and I needed these gorgeous bright eye candies to brighten my day!


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