Sunday, March 17, 2013

Earring Challenge Reveal 5 (weeks 9-10/52)

Welcome to the fifth reveal for the AJE Earring Challenge! First of all, thank you to all of you who have taken part either through the Linky tool at the bottom of the reveal posts or through pinning your creations to the Pinterest board. And congratulations to those of you who have pinned your creations each week especially!

It wasn't easy choosing earrings to show you today,  so I decided to choose designs with one of my favourite colours - turquoise/aqua. Afterall, turquoise has got some green in it, hasn't it, and it is St Patrick's Day! Each person pinning their creations on the Pinterest board must use at least one quality handmade component in their earring design and state who made that component.

Brass findings, homemade polymer headpins and carnelian chips by Janel Goolsby

copper mermaid earrings made by Salmik (Silja Støvring)

flower beads and ear wires by Sue Beads

Bloom Where Your Planted by peachtreeks (Alice Peterson)

Elaine Ray ceramic beads, decorated flat jumprings, peanut seed beads and Thai Silver beads by Julie Panusis

That's all for this reveal! All pins added after the below button will be considered for reveal 6 on 31st March.



  1. Great choices, JO, thanks for including my earrings!

  2. Thanks for including my earrings! I just now got home and will be checking out the other blogs.


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