Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tutorial Review - Gwenbeads

I haven't done a tutorial review in quite a while and I just had to tell you about this one.

I love when beadwork excites me.  I have to be honest I have not been on a tutorial buying mood in a long time.  Mostly because I went nuts when I first started beading and bought all I could.  Also sometimes I just do not have the beads on hand to complete the project.  This one was different.  Gwen of Gwenbeads uses beads most of us have on hand when writing her tutorials which is spectacular in my opinion.

 In this tutorial by Gwen has taken stitches I love so much Right Angle Weave and Cubic Right Angle weave and combined them in a fun new stitch path that has me buzzing.  It is called a Honeycomb weave.
This was not only a fun stitch to learn it has actually gone fairly quickly during the time I have to bead.  Gwen's instructions, diagrams and pictures are spot on and really give you the confidence to continue stitching.  She is also one of those extremely supportive designers that will be there if you have questions or problems while stitching.

I was hoping to have my first bracelet done for you today but plans did not work out so here is a picture of what I have completed so far.

I am also going to explore not only this tutorial with new beads and different sizes I plan to take this one so much further.  Thank you Gwen for inspiring me and getting me excited.


  1. Thanks for sharing Kristen. This is going to be a lovely bracelet when finished. The pattern looks really interesting - you have me tempted.


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