Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like An Artist
photo courtesy of Austin Kleon

I totally wanted to write an in depth blog post full of deep insights and analyses of the book Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. But here's the thing. I would basically be repeating everything he already said. So basically I feel like all I should say is:

"Read this book!

Thanks for reading my amazing blog post,

Jen C"

Ok. That sort of feels kind of ridiculous. So let me expand my recommendation just a bit. I've read this book cover to cover twice. I've also picked it up several times to read bits and pieces of it.


-It's an easy read. There's not a big time commitment taking away from making stuff.

-There are entertaining illustrations

Steal Like An Artist - “Deleted Scenes”
photo courtesy of Austin Kleon

-There are tips that maybe you've heard before. Or maybe not. However, the difference is the rearrangement of thoughts and ideas and previous tips into something that makes you want to scream "EUREKA!" in the middle of a crowded Barnes and Noble.

-Reading it more than once is highly likely. How many books do you own that you've read once and will probably never read again (that's pretty much all the books I own)? This is not one of those books.

-This book will make you take a long hard look at the issue of copying, and when and how it's appropriate.

-Relevant quotes from creatives.

-Practical advice beyond "live your dreams," which really isn't very practical at all.

Steal Like An Artist - Back cover
photo courtesy of Austin Kleon


-Does not contain the secret to making your first million in one month.

-Will not make you younger

-Um....That's it.

Here's the trailer he made for the book, in which he explains that the big idea for the book is that "you are a mashup" of what you let into your life, including the people, things, ideas, information, etc.

Steal Like An Artist - Book Trailer

Thanks for reading my amazing blog post,

Jen C


  1. Thanks for your amazing blog post! Now I want/need to get this book!

  2. Looks like this should be required reading for all of us!!


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