Monday, July 15, 2013

Advertising with AJE

Art Jewelry Elements is seeking to create relationships with brands and businesses that share our values while offering value to our audience.

Our audience is comprised of independent jewelry designers, crafting art jewelry using hand crafted elements to set themselves apart from those that only use craft store findings. Our audience includes many art bead artisans wanting to hone their craft and their business and to connect with those who are looking for just the right element to make an heirloom piece of jewelry.

Is your target market independent, creative jewelry designers eager to try new quality crafted elements in their designs, interested in current fashion but not a slave to it, that value professionalism, quality, and creativity as much as they do your product?

Art Jewelry Elements is a great place for your business to be seen. We're a daily blog focusing on learning, growing, and sharing...studios, techniques, tutorials, trends, and so much more.

If your company is interested in advertising with AJE, please email Jen Cameron to discuss if AJE is a good fit for your company.

We are offering a special intro rate until July 31st.

The regular monthly rate for a 250x250 ad is $30. 

To kick things off:

if you place and pay for an ad by July 31st, the cost will be $25 for the first month.

If you place and pay for 5 months @$25/month, you get the 6th month free (you save $55)

If you place and pay for 9 months @$25/month, you get 3 months free (you save $135) 

Just the facts...


January-June average monthly visitors: 22,000 (average 733 visits/day)

United States readers make up more than 50% of our audience.

Please contact Jen Cameron with any questions:

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