Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bird on the Wing Pendant with Embellished Chain - Free Tutorial

Birds are a perennial favourite with bead makers and buyers alike and this easy tutorial can be adapted to work with your own favourite examples.


1 bird bead and wing(or similar) pendant.
1 flat/curved/disc bead
2 x 15" lengths of chain with link large enough to thread a double strand of waxed linen through.
8" 20 gauge wire
2 x 30" lengths of waxed linen
Seed beads (larger than chain links)
Charms and/or Czech glass flower beads
Headpins and jump rings
Round nose pliers and cutters

Step 1
Using the wire and round nosed pliers create a wrapped loop to attach the wing pendant.

Step 2
Pass the tail of the wire through the flat/curved/disc bead and the bird bead and make another wrapped loop to create a bail (add a seed bead to stabilise if required).

Step 3
Attach a length of chain to the bail either by opening a link in the chain or by adding a jump ring.

Step 4
Double up one length of waxed linen and attach it to the bail using a larks head knot.

Step 5
Thread a seed bead onto the double strand of linen and pass it through the second link of the chain. Add a second bead and pass the linen back through the chain skipping one link as you go.

Step 6
Continue adding seed beads and threading through alternate link of the chain until you get to the end. Check the tension of the linen and that the beads are evenly spaced.

Step 7
Add a final bead and tie of the linen to secure and then trim.

Step 8
Repeat steps 3 - 7 on the other side of the bail to complete the necklace.

Step 9
Add a clasp and jump ring.

Step 10
Use the headpins and seed beads to create charms with the Czech glass flowers if required.

Step 11
Using a jump ring attache the charms to the wrapped loop of the feather pendant.

And that's it - your necklace is fnished!

By changing up your beads and charms you can vary the effect you get with this design... Here's another example of the design that was published in Jewelry Affaire in 2015.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial - happy creating.

Bird and leaf set from THEA elements


  1. Thank you for the embellished chain idea - love it! The bird pendant is beautiful!

  2. The last necklace would be perfect for the holidays. Great tutorial!

  3. I'm in love with your bird pendants! And the embellished chains are so cool. What a great tutorial... thank you!

  4. I love the texture this gives to the chain. Very clever!


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