Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Creative Interlude

We pause from our regularly scheduled schedule... to bring you a creative interlude. Diana - scheduled to post today - is in the midst of relocating to Rochester NY! This is her world view right now:

Dianas view: boxes and cats

We hear everyone is settling in nicely and Diana will be back ASAP with news and posts!  

So  Jenny here! <waves> I have a creative interlude planned today with Marsha - wanna come along? Not a full play date but a coffee talk catch up....
Umm, yes. Exactly. My fav small local coffee shop! 
OK - I have to say - I had not seen Marsha  ( of Marsha Neal Studio) in FAR too long. Crazy summer schedules, some medical stuff that had her out of commission... So we were way overdue for a catch up. Why is this worth a whole blog post you ask? 

There is a contact high, for lack of a better term, when hanging out with a fellow creative mind. And when you are both fast paced personalities - it can be quite a rush. I always leave Marsha's presence invigorated and inspired! Her kids, and their cousins were thundering away upstairs, so amidst their peals of laughter we took our beverages down to her creative lair... 
Peeves the cat takes refuge under the slab roller in the ceramic studio. 
I love seeing other artist's workspaces. I also love arranging and organizing... so I am always alert for ideas on space and function. I was aware of some changes Marsha was making... and have been a sounding board in the past for her space changes and growing patterns. Riding the creative wave that was Bead and Button for her, she was making room for NEW things... so I was eager to see the "new" space. The metals kiln out of storage! Enamels on the ready...
Metal, enamel and kilns - oh my! 
Secret stash of metal clay! 
Just seeing this makes my fingers itch! I had my introductory lessons in metal clay with Lesley and Karen last summer ( recap here). I confess - I haven't touched it since. I have the clay, the tools, and access to a kiln at work. But being able to talk it all out with Marsha - and urge each other on? Priceless. 

Inspiration is everywhere! 
See? Just looking around a fellow artists space - delicious! And then there was discussion of new ideas! New materials! New techniques! Oh heavens!
Up next on Marsha's horizon... 
On my side of things - I DID have show and tell. Marsha works at Sarafina Fiber Arts, and enabled me with my fiber needs. I took a day "off" on a Sunday a few weeks ago... More on that in MY next post. Stay tuned.

My show and tell - since she introduced me to felt... 
On top of it all - the weather was summer! Not crazy hot, not brain melting humidity. As a non plant person I revel in her garden.

See? Inspiration IS everywhere. And I left with three cucumbers! 
I hope you enjoyed this creative interlude - I sure did. Three hours later we regretted we hadn't planned lunch! I hope you all get creative, energetic time with friends this week!

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