Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Paper cutting

I don’t know about you but I consider myself some what of a craftaholic!
Every few months I stumble upon some form of craft (thank you Pinterest) that I want to try and then before I know it I am weighing up the pro’s and con’s, which go something like this…. Do I have enough room for the materials required (properly not, I have beads and jewellery tools every where), Is it going to cost me a fortune to get started (normally yes), Is it some thing that I will lose interest in after just one go (more then likely) etc….
and then there was paper cutting!!!!!

Basic Supplies
Cutting mat, blade and paper surely that won’t take up much room or cost a lot!??! And thats where I was wrong! Yes the stuff to start you off is very cheap compared to most hobbies but then like all good crafts the better you get, the more you learn and the more expensive things become! You start to want better quality paper… Oh, that hammered paper has such a lovely texture and then there is coloured paper and you know you need ALL of the colours....

So Much Colour
Then what are you going to cut? So you go in search of templates, first off it’s the free ones and there are LOTS and LOTS of them and yes they are great but they are just a way to get you hooked because once you see the AMAZING designs and templates the professional paper cutters are selling well it’s the same feeling when you see amazing beads! I really do NEED that one!!!

Free Templates by Paper Panda and SLS Creative
You see how much the originals sell for and gasp, thats a lot of money, so a few pounds for a stunning template is a bargain really! You choose a few that you like and happily cut away for hours and the fun dose not stop there….

"Whiskers" the hare wonderful design by Paper Story
Because then there are infills, oh the colours to choose from and glitter paper!!!

Design by the Amazing Paper Panda
And framing, what kind of frame to use? Should I use that cool floating idea that I saw on one of the many Facebook paper cutting groups that I now follow? So many choices, and if there are no infills and if I am not going to float it then I need to choose backing paper (paper stash just increased ten fold).

Paper Panda Wizard of Oz Collection (backed with an old looking map and ruby slippers)
Next comes the where to hang it, then before you know it you are out of places to hang any more so they become birthday/christmas gifts

Designs by Wild Child Design
and you suddenly have a folder full of cut designs and several books on the subject with no idea of what you are going to do with them all. But in defence of my paper cutting addiction it is very relaxing and cheaper then therapy!!!

I would love to know if any of our readers are serial craft-a-holics too?


  1. I'm not a cereal craftoholic but i an a serial craftoholic! ;0) i regularly sew, quilt, crochet, make jewellery, bead weave, silver smith, decopatch, embroider, cross stitch... i also go to loads of classes and learn new things. I have a craft list on my blog where i'm ticking off every craft i've tried!

  2. Niky, and all of Art Jewelry Elements -- I have largely lain in bed watching jewelry trends come and go, but what I love about your blog is you focus on creativity. It doesn't have to be a bead, such as this article (which has me really excited) but covers so many aspects of ART. One day I hope I can write for you all on these outliers of beauty. Keep up the good work. I read your newsletter over all similar ones now.

  3. These are simply gorgeous, Niky! But I foresee a lot of blood from the cuts I'd give myself if I ever attempted this. I'll stick to my beading, sewing, or cross stitch... at least the pin pricks don't ruin the project! :-)

  4. Oh Nicky. I just had this happen to me over the past month with BOTH Art Journaling and Zentangle. One of the books talks about an Art Materials Intervention - I like in a small space and need to be conscious that I don't overwhelm that space, because after all I still have my art jewellery going on.
    But it's fun and relaxing and (mostly) cheaper than therapy! ;)

  5. You've been busy! They look great! I'm not sure I'd have the patience for paper cutting but it's good to see what you can do if you do have the patience :D


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