Monday, April 18, 2016

A New Joy

I have always loved teaching friends whether it was sewing, cross stitch or even making paper twist dolls.  It was fun to see the A-HA moments they have had.  I had wanted to get into teaching beading but the opportunity has never worked out.  So when the opportunity came to teach needle felting I jumped at the chance.

I told you in my last post about visiting a local shop looking for wool roving.  The owners Libby and Deb are so welcoming and they both have their specialties,  Deb is the rug hooking teacher and designer and Libby is the teacher of all things knitting and crochet.  They were both very enthusiastic about needle felting but neither had the time to learn so they approached me. The first thing I needed to do was pick a project.  I needed to pick something that I felt would get people excited and have all the elements to get them started with needle felting.

I choose the bear as the first project.  I knew it would be a challenge but it had so many of the elements needed.  Attaching limbs, shaping the head and adding eyes and noses.  The next step was to get a good idea of the amount of supplies needed.  I thought that would be tricky but I realized while I was making the samples for the class I just made equal amounts of wool for each element, one for the sample and the extra to be able to give each student the right quantity,  I was so nervous.  I had never taught strangers before.  I didn't know how it would turn out.  These ladies were awesome.  They were so much fun and and very enthusiastic.

I have really found a love of teaching.  I have taught 2 sets of classes and I even had one of my student repeat the class because she loved it so much.  Here are some highlights.

What was so much fun was seeing all the personalities that each bear became.

I cant wait to teach another class.


  1. I would love to be in your class, unfortunately I live far away...

  2. I love your needle felted animals!!! Congratulations on your teaching success. I wish I could take a class from you!

  3. I am so happy that you found a love of teaching. I knew by the posts that you write here that you would be a very good teacher.Congratulations.


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