Friday, September 25, 2015

What is Hubble?

No I am not going to be discussing the Hubble Space Telescope.  Although It would be cool to look up all the pictures and dream about what is out there.  I am actually talking about a new stitch by Melanie de Miguel of Beadschool.

I was very intrigued when this book first came out.  A new stitch is rare to see. I have not yet gotten my hands on it but lucky for me I do have a subscription to Beadwork Magazine and they had a feature on this new stitch in the October/November issue.

As I looked at the stitch I did realize I have seen a similar stitch in Beth Stone's Seed Bead Stitching called a quad stitch.  A stitch she stumbled on while teaching her daughter the tri-stitch. However, the connecting thread path is very different with the Hubble stitch.  Let me assure you that you WILL need to purchase either the book or this issue of Beadwork to learn it because the key to it is the unique thread path connection. It also resembles the Right Angle Weave stitch at first glance but that is only at first glance.

I started out with the basic stitch and there is some getting use to tension and thread path.

Tension is the key.  Too much and it does not sit properly and too little makes gaps between connections.  Once I got the hang of it as many of you know I love taking knowledge that someone has shared and make it mine so I played for a bit.

As you can see I made a rope.  I almost gave up but once I found the trick to stepping up to the next level I really enjoyed it.  Then of course I would need a pendant to go with it.  And as per my usual style I did not make it an easy choice.

I love this pendant by Melissa of MelismaticArtJewelry.  It was a Component of the month piece I just couldn't figure out how to showcase it.  Now I will not tell you this bezel is perfect but I learned so much that I will be trying again soon.

After making the pendant I loved the combination of the matte and shiny beads so much that I tried something different from the original rope.

I really love this.  The small change in bead size created a cool texture to the rope.

"Hubbling" has many possibilities.  As I learned I have thought of a few things I would like to try with it.  If you give it a try have lots of patience.  Tension will test you but once you get it I think you will find that it is fun. At first it is not a quick stitch but I am sure once you get into a rhythm it will go faster.  For example with a rope it will take longer than a Russian Spiral but not as long as Cubic RAW.   It has a fabric type feel that is nice to wear when you are looking for that softness and feminine feel.  Give me a shout if you try it I would love to know what you think.


  1. Awesome Kristen, I will give this one a try. I'm like you, always up for trying a new stitch.

  2. Your observation about tension is correct. I have a few pointers I developed about keeping the tension correct and I've spent some time with this stitch and expanded the techniques to include decreasing and increasing.

  3. Looks great Kristen...a bit beyond my skills just yet but one day maybe...


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