Friday, September 4, 2015

Daisy Medallion Chainmaille Workshop Recap!

I had the pleasure of taking a chainmaille workshop this year at Bead Fest Philly.  I selected the Daisy Medallion Chainmaille class hosted by Michelle Brennan of HyperLynks.
Photo by HyperLynks
Can you blame me for choosing such a colorful and fun looking project?

Michelle with Medallion Eyes
I should start off and say that Michelle was a fantastic teacher.  She was patient, witty and funny.  These qualities are especially important with someone like myself in a class as I'm horribly impatient and have quite the sarcastic streak (I'm from Jersey, what do you expect?). 
Project Layout
Michelle came UBER prepared!  She provided everything we needed for the project including Xuron pliers, beading mat and all the rings (in a huge variety of color options).  I should note, I loved the pliers so much that I bought some after class was over. 

Diana & Sue
Oh and I managed to convince fellow contributor Sue Kennedy to take the workshop with me.  That made it extra fun...especially at 8:30 in the morning!

First Step
This was my first time working with rubber rings in a chainmaille project.  The first step was frustrating.  Many bad words escaped my mouth for about 15 minutes as I attempted to get the attachment above to work.  Thank goodness we had a class & teacher with a good sense of humor!  

Six Finished Pieces
The first three gave me angst but the final three weren't so bad once I got the hang of it.  
Adding Sections to the Large Ring
After we completed those little pieces, we had to start adding them to the large washer.  Michelle demonstrated this for us first.  She also included a print-out of VERY detailed instructions for us.  HyperLynks has some of the best instructions I've ever seen, in their kits.  

More Progress

You can see some of the project starting to come together now.  I got further than this but was so in the zone that I forgot to take more photos.  I haven't actually finished the pendant yet but it's on my to-do list.  

After the workshop was done, I wandered my way over to the HyperLynks booth.
Mark & the Walls of Goodies at HyperLynks booth
HyperLynks carries a great assortment of rings, kits and tools.  I picked up the Xuron pliers, rings and some kits while I was there.  

I certainly hope Michelle teaches at Bead Fest Philly 2016 because I'd take another workshop from her in a heartbeat.  

Thanks for a great time Michelle & HyperLynks!

Happy Beading!

~Diana P.


  1. I am glad I already had those pliers because I really would have struggled with the kit I bought if I didn't have them. I agree, her instructions are the best. I bought an expert kit because I do these things even thought I haven't any experience and still was able to do it (without cursing mind you.) Turned out wonderful!

  2. Seems so funny to make! And it's really nice to wear!


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