Monday, August 17, 2015

Countdown to Bead Fest!

Today is Monday the 17th. I depart for Bead Fest in 3 days, and a few miscellaneous hours. Set up on Thursday - with a stint as airport shuttle. Then Friday we can let the wild rumpus start!  (Thank you Mr. Sendak for that one.) 

My glaze fort. Please note coffee aka elixir of life; and Netflix on iPad. Currently binge watching West Wing. 

In the last few weeks I have been spending most time in the Glaze cave aka basement studio, where I barricade myself in with jars of glaze and underglaze. And I paint, and I paint. My pieces are so detailed, and involve multiple layers of glaze. Base coat, shadows, highlights... as if I was painting in watercolors. Then a coat of clear glaze over the underglaze colors. I love that each piece is individual and unique...

I have new designs this year that I have added to my Mythic Nature line of ceramic pendants. All the favorites will be in attendance at Bead Fest, and there are new orcas - thanks to Lindsay, barn owls, sleeping foxes, and the Mermaid of Zennor. A Cornish folktale, her inspiration is carved in wood on a church pew. (St. Senara's Church in Zennor UK)

 I currently have a small kiln at home, and larger kilns to use at the studio where I teach. All my pendants are fired at home in my workhorse! (Olympic doll kiln). Its not large, but I love that I can fire it fast and frequently!
Approximately 50 pendants in a load, each suspended on a hook, from a bar of the bead tree... 

 Then there is the polymer. And the resin. Oh my! 

All the polymer is still in progress. Theres a lot to do in three days... 

So as of this writing - its pricing and sorting time!

Mythic Nature pendants fresh from my little kiln.
Look what has arrived! I will have a selection of treasures from Lesley Watt with me (and her) at Bead Fest!
Lesley's loot teaser pix! 

If you are in need - here is a discounted admission coupon! Stop by Artisan's Alley and say Hello! 

Hey, pssst Fill in my name as the "Referring vendor" ok? Thanks. 


  1. You've been really busy, but what lovely treasures you have made. They are beautiful.
    Wish I could attend the Bead Fest but can't afford the airline ticket (plus the cost of hotel and meals etc.) They are a lot of fun and so full of temptations, much too easy to over spend.

    Well maybe next year, when my bank account has recovered some. :) Have fun and a safe and pleasant trip.

  2. After having missed (had to cancel!) the last two Phila BeadFests (due to illness and injury).. I am going this week!! Yay! Signed-up for 14 OMG classes and looking forward to browsing the Show Hall in-between! Can't wait to see your creations, in-person.

  3. If only Bead Fest was on the West Coast...sigh. At least, I have the internet. Thanks for the glimpse into your cave.

  4. These are all lovely Jenny. Have fun at Beadfest!

  5. What a busy lady you have been! Great work on everything but I totally LOVE those little barn owls! How cute are they! If I were going to Bead Fest, they would be the first thing I would buy!

  6. It was awesome being able to see all these lovelies up close at beadfest. Beautiful components I will try not to hoard but create with lol.


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