Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Bead Eye Candy

There has been an overwhelming amount of new beads introduced in the past few years.  Sometimes they are snuck in under the radar others have come with great pomp and circumstance.  This year alone there have been 6 new beads introduced that have me drooling.

The most recent are these very interesting new Ripple by Preciosa Ornela.  I see so many opportunities for them.

Potomac Bead Company had introduce the RounDuo bead.  I am so happy with the possibilities this offers for beading.  So many times in beading I have wish for a two hole round bead.  I can not wait to get my hands on these to let you know if they live up to my expectations.

Next are Czechmates by Starman Beads.  They have come out with 4 new shapes just this year and since I know the quality of their beads I want to try them all!  Crescents beads are by far my favorite.  Now these have me buzzing.  Ever since they came out the design possibilities have my head swimming.  I have actually been sketching some of them because it may be some time til I get them.  I do want every color of these!!!!

Next up is the two hole Bar.  If you are a reader of my posts you know I love two hole beads and these have so many possibilities.

The next 2 are Quadratile and Quadralentils.  I am on the fence about these.  They have the ability to assist in adding structure to a piece but I worry about hiding the bead with the 4 holes.  I do want some of them to play with and hopefully find a way to make them mine.

For seed beaders and stringers alike I think all these beads can spark designs we all have yet to imagine.  What is your favorite new bead?


  1. Hi Kristen, I too am excited about all of the new two hole beads. I took a class last Saturday with Diane Fitzgerald with the quadratiles. She taught a technique called riveting. She is in the process of making a new dvd about this technique. It was super fun.

  2. It is amazing how many new shapes have come out in the past year. So far all I've tried are the older Twin beads, the SuperDuos (which I love) and the 2 hole Daggers. I did purchase some 2 hole Lentil beads but have not made anything with them yet.

  3. wow...I really like these wee beads but do not have a clue how to use them for the purpose that they were created....can you recommend a book?

  4. Oooo ooo! I'm so excited about those Cresents and the Ripples! Thank you for showing all of these!

  5. Oh man I had no idea there were so many styles! Thanks for the survey!


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